China Business Keynote Speakers

Planning your conference on China Business related topics and looking for inspiring China Business Keynote Speakers for your event? We are here for you. These are some of our speaker recommendations for your China conference…

Andy Xie_KIF

Dr Andy Xie

Dr Andy Xie – renowned Chinese economist


Dr Geoff Raby

Dr Geoff Raby – Former Australian Ambassador to China

Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson – Pulitzer Prize-winning author, China Expert

Anil Gupta

Anil Gupta

Prof Anil Gupta – INSEAD Chaired Professor of Strategy & China India Institute Chief Advisor


Chris Patten

Lord Chris Patten – European Commissioner and Former Governor of Hong Kong


Ann Lee

Ann Lee – What the U.S. Can Learn from China

Willy Lam

Willy Lam

Willy Lam – China Politics & Foreign Policy Expert



Dashan – The most famous foreigner in China

joe zhang

Joe Zhang

Joe Zhang – China Banking & Economy


Haiyan Wang

Haiyan Wang – Getting China and India Right

Dr.Mathew McDougall

Dr. Mathew McDougall

Dr. Mathew McDougall – China Social Media Marketing

Rob Koepp

Rob Koepp

Rob Koepp – Chinese Business Going Global


Juan Pablo Cardenal

Juan Pablo Cardenal – China’s Silent Army


Zhang Lijia

Zhang Lijia – “Socialism is Great!”


Martin Jacques

Martin Jacques – When China Rules the World

Chris WH Chan

Dr Chris Chan

Dr Chris Chan – Professor In Residence of Richard Ivey School of Business and Ivey Asia


Morry Morgan

Morry Morgan – China Strategy

Helen Wang

Helen Wang

Helen Wang – Award-winning Author and Expert of China’s Middle Class

peggy liu

Peggy Liu

Peggy Liu – China Today / Sustainability


Dambisa Moyo – Global Macroeconomist and New York Times Bestselling Author

and many more