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Chinese Explorer Sun Bin Spoke at Corporate Event

Chinese explorer, Sun Bin, spoke at corporate annual kick-off meeting in China to inspire the team on teamwork, facing challenges and winning. We have some photos from the 2019 Braccosine Kick-off Meeting right here: Sun Bin 孙斌  is a renowned mountaineer based in Beijing, and he has also been the coach of the national mountain climber team. .. read more

Sun Bin

Sun Bin 孙斌  is a renowned mountaineer based in Beijing, and he has also been the coach of the national mountain climber team. He now runs his own expedition company from Beijing and is a “The North Face” athlete. He started his climbing career in 1997, when he joined the climbing club in Peking University. After .. read more

Morry Morgan TEDx Talk: The 5 Rules of Serendipity for Entrepreneurs

Morry Morgan, co-founder of ClarkMorgan, believes that serendipity or luck is a huge asset for business. And he also believes that it is possible to harness serendipity to increase the chances for success. How does one actually do that? Morry Morgan discusses 5 rules to make the most out of serendipity in a presentation that .. read more

Chloe Cho

Chloe Cho is Presenter/ Executive Producer in Channel NewsAsia’s Current Affairs Department. She presents, develops programmes, and oversees editorial content for the channel’s business shows, including the new weekly Investor Insights, and an interview series entitled, Millionaire Minds. She’s also co-host for the business reality show, StartUp. Chloe’s involvement in a diverse range of projects .. read more

Lijia Zhang on China Migrants’s Mental Health

Lijia Zhang‘s insights on China migrant’s mental health, published by CNN… Factory life far from home leaves China’s migrant workers vulnerable By Lijia Zhang, for CNN January 2, 2014 In a brightly-lit Shenzhen restaurant, 21-year-old Zheng Liqiang, a migrant worker from the inland province of Sichuan, describes his life in this southern Chinese city as .. read more

Morry Morgan: Unveiling the Dragon…

“For many, China’s growth and return to being a global superpower is frightening. This fear is a combination of the unknown as well as a misunderstanding of the culture of the Chinese.” In this video from TEDx Hult Shanghai Morry Morgan shares his insights about change and the “dragon” (China) leading the change in our .. read more

Juan Pablo Cardenal: Is China Taking Over the World?

Juan Pablo Cardenal, author of “China’s Silent Army”, debates in an article from New York Times as to whether China is taking over the world or not. Below you can read some excerpts from his opinion post. Juan’s article can be read entirely here… The combination of a strong, rising China and economic stagnation in Europe .. read more

Ian Johnson on Southern Weekend Incident and It’s Impact

 Ian Johnson, Pulitzer Prize winner, China journalist for the Wall Street Journal, and author of Wild Grass: Three Stories of Change in Modern China, writes on Southern Weekend incident and it’s impact in New York Times: …… Indeed, Mr. Xi seems to be casting himself in the mold of Deng, who was known for bold economic reforms but .. read more

Dr Willy Lam’s Insights on Recent China Political Events – Interview Summary from Sep 2012

  Realities debunk CCP reform rumors Asia Times Online  By Willy Lam Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s “reappearance” last Saturday after an absence of two weeks signaled that preparations for … Ex-Police Chief Gets 15 Years in China Voice of America– Willy Lam, a China scholar, says one of the most remarkable things about the account of the trial is .. read more

Ian Johnson – Pulitzer Prize Winner

Ian Johnson_01.jpg Ian Johnson’s Pulitzer Prize for his time covering China as the bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal (and his pair of Overseas Press Club awards) ensure his credentials as one of the world’s most prominent speakers on Chinese & Asian economics. … He specializes in speaking on the modern Chinese search for deeper meaning after decades of focus on their economic development, how grassroots movements will change the country, the upcoming 2012 shift in political leadership and the many ways the Western world and its media often misrepresent and misunderstand China.