Andy Xie, Renowned Chinese Economist Commented on The Economy

Dr Andy Xie , renowned Chinese economist, shares his comments on the Chinese and global economy:

The End of the Con – Caixin Online
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The days of easy growth are gone, meaning the government must address problems linked to low household income and excess investment

The week that Europe stopped pretending

“The world’s largest emerging economies are no longer in a position to carry the global economy through tough times, as they did during the ‘recovery’ years of 2009-2011,” said China expert Andy Xie.

Economists see China’s economy slowing down further
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Independent economist Andy Xie said: “The economy was able to grow exports enormously, and to finance government spending. Now as the exports slow down, the government spending is becoming too big to sustain. I think the government is not addressing this problem. So I think the economic difficulties will continue...”

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