Anil Gupta: Getting China and India Right…

Dr. Anil K. Gupta is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on strategy and globalisation. Dr. Gupta outlines how companies can leverage the market and the resource opportunities presented by the China and India phenomenon to achieve global dominance within their particular industries. He also talks about the key questions that business leaders must address in order to develop winning strategies to go global and to transform global presence into global advantage. He offers conceptual frameworks that business leaders can use to answer these questions.

Dr. Gupta’s book “Getting China and India Right” is the first strategic guide for multi-national corporations (MNCs)who are contemplating expanding into both China and India. Gupta and Wang explain how many MNCs view China and India solely from the lens of off-shoring and cost-reduction, and focusing their marketing strategies on only the top 5-10% of the population. This is a missed opportunity. China and India are the only two countries that constitute four realities that are strategically crucial for the global enterprise:
* Both provide mega-markets for almost every product and service
* Both have platforms that will dramatically reduce the company’s global cost structure
* Both have platforms that will significantly boost the company’s global technology and innovation base
* Both are springboards for the mergence of new fearsome global competitors.

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