Anil Gupta, Leading Experts on Strategy and Globalisation Available for Speaking Engagements

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Globalization is proceeding at an unprecedented rate, and Dr. Anil Gupta is the man who can explain it all to you and your organization in a coherent, cognizant, and insightful manner. Not only can Anil explain to you exactly what’s going on in the world’s development right now, he can also provide you with the strategies you need to best capitalize on our ever-growing global community.

Anil is well versed in a wide range of topics and is sure to provide your organization with the presentation it needs to advance to the next level in the world’s emerging marketplace. Not only is Anil well versed in the ongoing development of China, he is also one of the top experts on the development of India as a global superpower. Anil can explain to you and your organization how these growing superpowers have changed the rules of the Global Game, and how to cultivate the right mindset to find a profitable and positive global presence in our shifting international landscape. Finally, Anil is happy to precisely lay out just how this brave new world allows you to leverage synergies throughout your business to produce a greater impact than your present holdings may suggest.

Holding a doctorate from Harvard Business School and an M.B.A. from the Indian Institute of Management, Anil has acted as a visiting professor at a variety of prestigious universities around the globe, and currently serves as Professor of Strategy and Organization, and as the Research Director at the Center for International Business Education & Research, at the University of Maryland.

If your organization would benefit from experiencing one of Anil’s electrifying and enlightening presentations, then simply get in touch with his management through messaging [email protected]