Asia Gen Y Expert Emma Reynolds @ China Speakers Agency


Presenting a unique Generation Y understanding of how the world works, Emma Reynolds offers a unique perspective lacking from even the world’s best speakers and intellectuals. When Emma says she’s on a mission to change the way the world works, she means it literally! Emma focuses her speeches on the way demographic changes and ever-accelerating technologies are changing her generation’s expectations from the workforce they’ve entered.

Emma has been focused on learning how to optimize the way the world works from a young age. By the time she was 21 Emma worked with a host of famous brands in her native home of Australia, learning first-hand how marketing, communications and strategic planning work together to contribute to a company’s success- or failure! Since then Emma has worked to rebuild houses in Peru, created engagement models in nearly a dozen UK businesses and founded her first company, e3Unlimited, with her business partner Bruce Morton.

In addition to e3Unlimited Emma has created the research firm Ask Gen Y, , she’s found a spot on the “35 Women Under 35” list, she’s been featured in international publications such as the Sunday Times, and she’s moved to Hong Kong where she founded her new company e3. She will soon be speaking on the topic of “How the World of Work is Changing: Using Social Media to Stay Ahead of the Curve” at the AmCham HK Human Capital Conference.

Emma offers a wide range of speaking engagements and programs covering a huge list of potential relevant topics. Some of her specialties include speaking about workforce trends and innovations, the next wave of necessary management strategies, the way employees now think about their employment opportunities, and what the “Future of Work” will really look like.

To book Emma for a speaking engagement, send a message to her representation at [email protected].