Shirley Yu moderated panel discussion with Prof Nouriel Roubini and Prof Justin Lin

Dr Shirley Yu

Dr Shirley Yu moderated the panel discussion with Prof Nouriel Roubini and Prof Justin Lin at the FTLife International Economic Forum in Hong Kong. With her strong background in finance and economics, Shirley has moderated the panel discussion with great insights. Dr Shirley Yu (于泽), is a former CCTV 9 anchor, an experienced moderator and author. She […]

Shirley Yu Published New Book on The Rise of the RMB and the Fall of the Yen

Shirley Yu

Experienced moderator and former CCTV 9 Anchor Shirley Yu has published a new book “The Rise of the RMB and the Fall of the Yen”  (人民币崛起及日元之殇).  Shirley‘s latest book, which tackles China’s Renminbi (RMB) and Japanese Yen, is based on her doctoral thesis completed in 2014 . This latest book is Shirley’s third publication. Shirley Yu is the author of […]

Dr Andy Xie urged Korea to rethink debt strategy

Dr Andy Xie

Renowned Shanghai-based economist Dr Andy Xie was interviewed for an article at The Korea Times. Dr Andy Xie shared his insights and emphasized that South Korea needs to overhaul its debt strategy and focus on decreasing the cost of living. “Household debt (in Korea) is high and rising faster than income,” independent economist Andy Xie told […]

Dr Andy Xie: Insights on the Chinese Tourists

Dr Andy Xie discussed the matters of tourism, the expectations of Chinese tourists and the implications of their travel habits on the economies of nearby countries. Independent economist Dr Andy Xie spoke to Tourism Australia 2016 and shared important points on the spending habits of China’s younger generation. Dr Xie said the current generation, the Chinese […]

Dana Leong in China to Heal People with Music

Dana Leong

Award-winning musician and composer Dana Leong wants to take music a step further by exploring what gives music its healing powers. South China Morning Post talked about this in their feature on Dana. Here is a snippet of the interesting article: Widely recognised as the world’s top electric cellist, Leong has been playing his futuristic sounds solo or with […]

New Speaker Mini-site of Peggy Liu

Peggy Liu

We are most delighted to launch the new mini speaker website of Peggy Liu. Visit it here for speaker information, videos, and topics of Peggy. Peggy Liu is Chairperson of JUCCCE, a non-profit organization creating a livable China. As one of the leaders in China’s sustainability advocacy, her work encompasses ecolivable cities, clean energy, reimagining prosperity, and […]

Prof George Yip Joins China Speakers Agency

Prof George Yip

China Speakers Agency is proud to present marketing and strategy expert, author and academic Prof George Yip. Professor Yip is an outstanding speaker who brings a unique blend of academic rigor, business pragmatism, Asian background, British eloquence and American expertise to all of his talks. Prof Yip has shared his insights with the top management groups and […]

Li Cunxin on Bravery, Courage and Determination

Li Cunxin

Life was extremely tough for Li Cunxin, Mao’s Last Dancer, when he was young. Here he talks about his incredible story of bravery, courage and determination on how he overcame adversity to become one of the world’s best ballet dancers. In this short clip, Li Cunxin shared several important life lessons and said “I proved to myself more […]

Leroy Chiao, Former NASA Astronaut, in China End of Aug

Leroy Chiao

Leroy Chiao, former NASA astronaut and International Space Station commander will be coming to China this August. Seize the chance to engage Leroy to speak at your upcoming event in August! Leroy Chiao 焦立中 worked at NASA for 15 years before he left the agency in 2005.  A veteran of four space missions, Dr. Chiao most recently […]

Dana Leong Speaking at Alibaba Xin Philanthropy Conference

Dana Leong

Two time Grammy Award winner Dana Leong, who uses music to bring awareness to disaster relief, spoke and performed at the first Alibaba Xin Philanthropy Conference, attended by 1000 audience. The Alibaba Foundation brought together pioneering Chinese benefactors and global thought leaders to discuss social responsibility at its first global philanthropy conference. Alibaba Vice President Brian Wong, […]

Andy Xie: Insights on the Chinese Economy – Crisis & Hope

Andy Xie

Andy Xie, independent economist shared his insights on the Chinese economy in a recent interview with MarketWatch.  Dr Xie opined that China’s trajectory resembled the one that led to the Great Depression, when the expansion of credit, loose monetary policy and a widespread belief that asset prices would never fall contributed to rampant speculation that ended […]

Leroy Chiao, American-Chinese astronaut in Hong Kong in Dec 2016

Leroy Chiao

Leroy Chiao, former NASA astronaut and International Space Station commander will be coming to Hong Kong in December 2016. Seize the chance to engage Leroy to speak at your upcoming event in Dec riding on his Asian trip! Leroy Chiao 焦立中 worked at NASA for 15 years before he left the agency in 2005.  A veteran […]

Chinese Economist Andy Xie Talks about Debts in China, FED Rate and Brexit

Andy Xie, renowned Chinese economist, talked about the debt situation in China, the possible FED rate hike and also the implication of Brexit, economically and politically, in his recent Reuters interview. Andy Xie shared that China’s banks, which are already heavily indebted, will plunge into a crisis of liquidity when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. […]

Conference Speakers with True Insights on China

Are you looking for a speaker who truly knows China business for your upcoming event? We are the China speakers agency to help you to identify the most appropriate speakers. Andy Xie – Renowed Chinese Economist Shaun Rein – The End of Cheap China Haiyan Wang – Getting China and India Right Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran […]

Andy Xie Speaking on Chinese Economy in Korea at Chosun Biz Conference

Andy Xie

Renowned Chinese economist Andy Xie spoke at the Future Finance Forum hosted by Chosun in Korea . Dr Xie shared his insights on the East Asia economy, and the changes in recent years. Dr Xie also talked about the stock market, economic trends and opportunities for growth. Andy Xie 謝國忠 is a renowned Chinese economist based in Shanghai […]

Prof. Anil Gupta Shared his Inisghts on China’s GDP numbers

Prof. Anil Gupta

Prof. Anil Gupta sat down with CCTV news shared his views regarding the 6.5% growth rate and predictions for the economy in the next 5-10 years in China. In the clip below, Prof. Gupta enumerates construction and auto sectors as sectors that will experiences cutbacks or slowing while healthcare, finance, travel and tourism will be on […]