Eddie Wang Speaking at KPMG Leadership Event

Our China expert, veteran banker Mr Eddie Wang 王浵世, shared his insights with the high performers of KPMG at their leadership conferences of Hong Kong and Shanghai on how to achieve high performance during this challenging time. Some snapshots; IMG_1697.JPG IMG_1740.JPG IMG_1741.JPG Eddie Wang Mr Eddie Wang , Former President of the China Minsheng Banking Corporation (2006-2009 in Beijing) and Former Chief Executive for China business of HSBC (1994-2002 in Shanghai), is the first Hong Kong-Chinese banker invited by the Central Government to take up the top position in a domestic Chinese bank.

Zhang LiJia: The Chinese’s Obsession on Weird Food…

Zhang LiJia , our beloved speaker from Beijing and author of best-seller “Socialism is Great”, has recently published an article in the Guardian on the Chinese’s obsession on “weird” food, titled ‘Dog meat at a Chinese restaurant in Yorkshire’ – why do such myths spread? … Photograph: Greg Baker/AP I was not sure if I should laugh or cry when I heard the news that an urban myth about a woman choking on a dog’s identification chip at a high-end Chinese restaurant in Yorkshire had led to an exodus of diners.

Anders Sorman-Nilsson: Key 3 Trends in The Future of Banking

If you can start to educate your clients, offer sophisticated yet simple advice, if you can design a process that gives your customers direct access to their net worth in graphic format via mobile media, provide tailored recommendations for investments based on your unique clients’ risk-profile and particular market movements, you may still be able to ‘own’ the client relationship. … According to SAS business intelligence, 75% of companies don’t know where their most important customers are currently talking about them, and a mere 7% are incorporating social media into their marketing and communications activities. 35% of smart phone users currently use banking and financial services applications on their phones, and 85% of all phones shipped in 2011 have a mobile browser.

Mike Walsh Talks About The Future of Work

201110181000.jpg Our best and most sought-after futurist speaker, Mike Walsh , Our best futurist speaker, Mike Walsh , was featured in the Australian Financial Review on the future of work – quoting himself as an example of the new generation of “knowledge worker: Extract of the coverage: … Walsh says the revolutionary impact of technology and social network, and gteh influx into the workforce of “digital natives (who were using keyboards before ether learned to form letters with a pencil), mean that the leaders we have now are not the sort of people we will need in the future. … Future leaders also have to be gifted communicators, to be able to transmit the vision of the company to its people.

Eddie Wang and Willy Lam Speaking at CPA Australia Congress [Photos]

Our China Experts, Eddie Wang and Willy Lam spoke at the CPA Australia Congress on 14 Oct 2011. Snapshots of the event here: IMG_1683.JPG IMG_2750.JPG IMG_2759.jpg Contact us at +852 3489 9246 or [email protected] to engage Mr Eddie Wang 王浵世 or Mr Willy Lam to inspire your team and clients on concrete knowledge of doing business in China.

Zhang LiJia on Mao and “Super Girl”

Zhang LiJia , our beloved speaker from Beijing and author of best-seller “Socialism is Great”, has recently shared her views of the worship of Mao in China today, and the banning of the popular TV program “Super Girl”. … Every day, when I drive my electric scooter along the 4th ring road, breaking the traffic law from time to time and passing modernistic building’s such as the new CCTV tower, I often feel China is so free.

Willy Lam: Can China Produce the Next Steve Jobs?

例如前年國防科工大學自發 研製了一秒可以運算2570萬億次、當時是世界最快的超級電腦;而中國在國防與航天方面的設備已追俄趕美,所以近年解放軍已減少從俄國進口戰機、核子艦艇 等先進武器。… 其次是大陸的知識產權法與競爭法非常落後,不少海歸派IT精英回國創業的經驗是,剛搞出名堂公司的智 識產權就被人盜用,而且強有力的國營企業經常通過 「硬關係」巧取豪奪或吞併有潛力的IT私營企業!

Mike Walsh: The Dual Horizon Problem / Strategy

The only catch – as HP’s senior leaders discovered when their stock price plummeted – was that shutting down divisions that contribute large chunks of your present day operating revenue without a clearly defined vision for the future, is unlikely to win much support from investors. … Using their revenue and customer base from horizon one, they then started to ramp up an online model that enhanced their primary proposition – all of which came dramatically undone when the company announced sudden hikes in pricing and a decision to split the two businesses.

Anders Sorman-Nilsson Spoke on Talent Management

During the event, Anders spoke about the global ideas amongst future-focussed companies who understand and apply the following concepts: •                 Social Attracts Talent •                 Play Engages Talent •                 Innovation Retains Talent and provided case studies of some of Anders’ clients at Thinque like Aurecon, Fuji Xerox and Cisco who have been able to reap the benefits of improved productivity from their talent, boosted employer brand recognition, and increased graduate uptake on offers are provided. NiQ Lai from City Telecom illustrated how, in a local Hong Kong context •                 a disruptive company can use its LnD focus to attract, engage and retain talent •                 why the talent of tomorrow need to think like a CXO •                 how the company is giving unprecedented opportunity to its talent Below is the video of the event:: Please contact us should you wish to engage Anders and NiQ in your next event.

Rebecca Fannin on China Winning the Tech Race

Rebecca Fannin 范碧嘉 , author of best-seller, Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) monitors China’s performance in the tech race closely.  Below is some of her recent observations: What’s Left to Clone In China Just how many clone opportunities are left in China, now that the Chinese marketplace has copies of YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, eBay and yes, even Wikipedia. […]

Speakers Who Really Knows China

Are you looking for concrete know-how on how to do business with / in China?  Our China expert speakers are here to help you:  Eddie Wang Former President of the China Minsheng Banking Corporation  Jack Perkowski Mr China Rebecca  Fannin Silicon Dragon: How China is Winning the Tech Race  Rob Keopp Chinese Business Going Global […]

Jack Perkowski: China Wants To Buy American (Companies)

Jack is a frequent speaker and commentator on the subject of China to the broadcast media, including CNN, CNBC, Fox, BBC, NPR and CCTV, as well as a variety of audiences worldwide: universities, business schools, corporate and industry conferences, and various chapters of the Council on Foreign Relations, Asia Society, YPO and other professional organizations. … Jack was a starting guard on one of the best football teams in Yale’s history and played in the famous 29-29 tie against Harvard in 1968, a game which Sports Illustrated has named one of the most exciting college football games of all time.

Proudly Launching the China Speakers Agency Chinese Website

We at the China Speakers Agency is proud to launch our new Chinese website 中國名人演講堂 to better serve our Chinese clients who are looking for top-notch speakers to inspire their teams and clients at their upcoming events. CSA Chinese website.jpg We are working hard at populating the site with our speakers’ profile and share great ideas from our speakers. Are you an MNC looking for concrete know-how on how to do business with / in China, or a Chinese company entering the global market looking for international experience?

China Experts Eddie Wang and Willy Lam Speaking at CPA Australia Congress

Keynotes by Eddie Wang and Wily Lam Willy will be speaking on “China’s new generation of political leaders” : China’s fifth generation of political leadership under the new General Secretary and State President, Xi Jinping, comes to power in October 2012. … Register here to enjoy the early bird discount till 7 Oct: http://www.cpacongress.com.au/hong-kong-program.html Contact us at +852 3489 9246 or [email protected] to engage Mr Eddie Wang 王浵世 or Mr Willy Lam to inspire your team and clients on concrete knowledge of doing business in China.

Rob Koepp Talks About Chinese Technology, Innovation, and Spiritualism

In previous corporate assignments, Rob served as Managing Director of Beijing-based CITIC Rising Star (an entertainment and leisure real estate development subsidiary of the CITIC Group), Operations Manager in Japan for Dresser Industries (a Global 200 energy industry capital equipment supplier and project consultancy); and Engineering and Marketing Manager in Asia for Hitachi High Technologies (a Hitachi Group company and supplier of advanced capital equipment to the global IT and healthcare industries). … He authored the book Clusters of Creativity: Enduring Lessons on Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Silicon Valley and Europe’s Silicon Fen (John Wiley, 2002), which looks at the underpinning dynamics and key mechanisms of IT and life-science clusters from a global perspective, detailing how high-tech regions and their constituent companies are financed, managed, and generate wealth.

Mike Walsh: The Divergence – The Rising Power of the BRIC Nations

In this speech extract based on his upcoming book ‘ The Divergence ‘, Mike Walsh looks at the secret history of the Web in emerging markets, and why the rising power of the BRIC nations holds the key to understanding the forces that will shape the digital world in the next ten years. Contact us at China Speakers Agency at [email protected] or +852 3489 9246 if you would like to engage Mike for your next event, or viist us for more top-notch China experts from us .