Book Review on “The Decline and Fall of Europe” by Francesco Bongiovanni

The European Journal of Development Research has included in its second issue from Vol. 25 a book review on “The Decline and Fall of Europe” by Francesco Bongiovanni. The review was done by Manuel Au-Yong Oliveira and Joao Jose Pinto Ferreira from INESC TEC, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal. The positive review can be found here

Francesco Bongiovanni—who holds a Harvard MBA and an engineering doctorate—spent several decades in Asia, Europe, Africa and the US as an investment banker in private equity and international advisory and as an entrepreneur.

Having witnessed first-hand the dynamism of America and the Far East, Francesco Bongiovanni returned to find a decaying Europe, prompting him to paint a unique, multi-dimensional portrait of Europe that leads to the conclusion that increasing impoverishment, instability and fragmentation are inescapable. The author of The Decline and Fall of Europe—which has been labelled “a wake-up call for the twenty-first century” by The Guardian and praised by The Wall Street Journal as the best account to date of the European crises, Bongiovanni takes a hard look at the structural elements, many of which have been in place since World War II, that have collided to produce a Eurozone that is in crisis and having direct implications on the global economic recovery.

In tailored discussions suited to the needs of the audience, Bongiovanni presents in an engaging and accessibly style based on his meticulous research to provide a balanced, detailed, comprehensive and informative picture of the challenges that face Europe and what the global political and business community must do to confront these issues before its too late.

Want to learn first hand from Francesco on his most updated insights on what’s next on the European economy?  Contact us to engage him for your upcoming event.

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