Brett King With Insights on the Future of Banks

There are few industries these days facing a more difficult time connecting with their customers and managing their PR than banks, which is why Brett King wrote the acclaimed book Bank 2.0 – How Customer Behavior and Technology Will Change the Future of Financial Services. In his groundbreaking book he takes to task the common practices and structures of modern banks and explains how these missteps have lead them their present detachment from their customer’s behaviors and desires.

Through his speeches Brett seeks to elucidate exactly how banks need to proceed to positively match the transformational forces of the present century. This shifts will demand banks stop fixating on physical branches and will start focusing on the more complex digital relationships which their customer’s increasingly demand.

Brett’s credentials situate him as one of the top experts in the field of international banking. He has worked for over a decade with HSBC, Citibank, Standard Chartered, EmiratesNBD, BNP Paribas, UBS to name a few major institutions seeking his council.

Of course bank owners and employees aren’t the only audience which will benefit from Brett’s entertaining and engaging Bank 2.0 lecture. Anyone who finds themselves struggling to connect with the key issues surrounding problems of innovation, accurately tracking new technological innovations and mirroring ever evolving customer behavior will gain new insights from his pertinent discussions.

Every existing business needs to learn how to better meet their changing markets and Brett King can show them the way. If you’re interested in booking him for a speaking engagement simply send an email to his agency ([email protected]) outlining your needs.