China Business Speakers

Are you looking for a true China expert for your upcoming Executive Committee meeting?  Your company has been doing business with / in China many years now and you have been traveling to China a hundred times.  The speakers you need are those who really know the pause of China, not those who talk about “Doing Business in China 101” …

We know.  For we work with speakers who are really on the ground, doing their own research:

Andy Xie 謝國忠

Andy Xie

Renowed Chinese Economist

Willy Lam 林和立

Willy Lam

China Politics & Foreign Policy Expert

Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson 

Pulitzer Prize-winning author, China Expert

Martin Jacques

Understand the Rise of China

Geoff Raby

Former Australian Ambassador to China

Jack Perkowski

Mr China

Peggy Liu

China Energy Expert

Rob Koepp

Betting on China

and many more…

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