China Speaker’s Agency Launches New Logo and Corporate Identity to Better Serve Mainland China

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As the popular and well established speaker’s bureau China Speakers Agency , we have recently launched a new corporate identity and logo. Our decision was made as we work to transforms ourselves to more effectively and efficiently serve our clients within Mainland China. These changes have already been received positively by our Mainland Chinese clients and will surely assist our agency in better serving the many new clients we seek to attract.

Our rebranding strategy takes two immediately apparent forms.

·       We have launched a new logo which better incapsulates our mission to connect the best speakers with audiences looking to be informed and inspired.

·       We have launched a new website to better serve Native Chinese speakers and our global non-English speaking audience.

New Logo, Same Direction

From our start we’ve sought to represent the best professional speakers lecturing on topics relevant to China, providing a seamless method for individuals and organizations looking to book these speakers for engagements such as conferences and panels. Our new logo better represents this mission on a few levels.

First, our new logo is painted with a traditional Chinese ink brush to immediately convey our geography of focus.

Second, our new logo is a perfect circle representing our agency’s desire for “inclusion” above and beyond any other goal. Through providing the best speakers for the best audiences we aim to create greater understanding and more effective communication about the most pressing issues for the China.

Third, our new circular logo also represents the speaker’s stage, the heart of our agency’s mission.

While our previous logo incorporated a map of Mainland China our new logo provides deeper and more subtle meanings which better express our position as one of the top speaking agencies representing China-oriented professional speakers in the world.

A New Website for Mainland Clients

Our last website,, was very effective at serving the needs of our clients who read and understood English as their primary language. Our new website,, provides the same information and ease-of-use with added accessibility for native Chinese speakers.

Not only does our new website provide some very practical improvements for Mainland Chinese clients it also sends a clear message that we are dedicated to serving Mainland Chinese clients with the same level of support and preference as our primarily English speaking clients.

We launched our Chinese language website earlier and believe, combined with our recent across-the-board rebranding strategies, it will help us create a more inclusive and understanding relationship between our agency, our speakers, our clients, and the audiences who benefit from these connections.

Taking the Next Steps for a Better Connected World

Inclusion. Instead of simply repeating rhetoric commit further to this ideal in very real, practical, measurable way with our updated logo and rebranding strategies. Through making everyone feel equally included and valued we prove we are anything but simply “all talk.”