China Speaker’s Agency Proudly Announces Hollywood Engagement

Sigourney Weaver speaker

At China Speaker’s Agency we’re proud to announce a new level of engagement between our organization and some of Hollywood’s top stars. It’s well known that Hollywood stars offer a powerful method of reaching an enormous new audience, while providing a level of prestige and glamour to every proceeding they attend and participate in. At China Speaker’s Agency we’ve been able to create relationships with these stars due to the strength, depth and breadth of our impressive network of speakers, entertainers and industry professionals.

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Our most recent host of Hollywood stars to engage with our company includes Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc.), Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future), Steven Levitan (the Award Winning Producer of Modern Family), and Alicia Silverstone (Batgirl in Batman & Robin, Clueless). In addition a number of other internationally recognized celebrities and top performers within their field have recently engaged further with China Speaker’s Agency including tennis sensation Anna Kournikova and supermodel turned documentarian Christy Turlington. This diverse and accomplished list of celebrities and Hollywood stars is impressive enough on its own, but even more powerful when you understand the effects of tapping these huge stars. It’s a well known fact that attracting prominent celebrities and Hollywood stars makes it even easier to reach more high-caliber personalities in the future, and we anticipate this recent extension of our network will continue to pay dividends for many years down the road. In many ways, we consider this recent spate of celebrity and movie star engagement to be just the beginning of a larger, long-term strategy for continuously increasing the caliber of our speaker’s family.

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While this is the start of a larger strategy, it’s important to note that this isn’t the first time we’ve accomplished a high level of engagement with prominent Hollywood stars. At Confest 2011 in Kinabalu, Malaysia we arranged for actress Sigourney Weaver to speak to a large group, whom she held at rapt attention. Ms. Weaver spoke at length and with great insight about the creative process, about the importance of following your dreams and playing to your natural strengths, and overall provided the crowning moment of an already exceptional event. We know that all of the celebrities and Hollywood stars we have recently deepened our relationship with will be able to produce similarly effective and powerful engagements for our audiences throughout China and the rest of the world.


While we are dedicated to developing relationships with an ever-increasing cast of famous celebrities and big-time Hollywood players, we still remain dedicated to providing access to speaking engagements with a full range of personalities, intellectuals and professionals. At China Speaker’s Agency we take pride in representing the best speakers the international scene has to offer, picked from every corner of the world and from every possible background and specific expertise. All of our speakers are superstars in their own right, even if they’ve never graced the silver screen, and we guarantee the incredible quality of all of the speakers whom we presently represent.


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