China Speakers Agency Provides the Ultimate Entertainment Options to Your Event

At China Speakers Agency we are best known for providing event organizers with the best, most enlightening and most engaging speakers the world has to offer. Yet we provide access to more than just the world’s best speaker- we also provide event organizers with access to some of the world’s most exciting entertainment options!

Event organizers around the world understand the importance of providing their occasion with more than simply one amazing speech after another. The right entertainment options will provide their attendees with some “down time” to relax, to enjoy themselves, to absorb the lessons of their previous speaker and to prepare themselves for their event’s next transformational presentation. At China Speakers Agency we not only provide you with incredible, world-class entertainment options, but we make sure those entertainment options are appropriate for every occasion.

Take a quick look at some of the entertainment options we’re happy to provide for your event:

·       The Three Waiters. The world’s premiere singing waiters entertainment option, The Three Singing Waiters have delighted attendees at over 2,500 events over the last decade. The players behind this unique, unforgettable act are all top-performers in the worlds of opera and musical theater. The act itself is filled with spontaneous, engaging humor that is never mean-spirited. Unlike similar acts, The Three Waiters don’t incorporate slapstick elements and never seeks to either belittle or embarrass the crowd they’re performing for.

·       Tenors Undercover. From the creators of The Three Waiters comes Tenors Undercover, a truly unique event-entertainment experience. Tenors Undercover is a special entertainment option which can ONLY happen at an event. The performance’s entire staff masquerade as attendees of your event, swapping business cards, making friends and talking shop, all until they reveal themselves with an incredible, seemingly impromptu, totally surprising performance your audience will love.

·       Il Divo and The Leading Men. Of course, in addition to providing these creative and unique entertainment options we also provide event organizers with more traditional performances. Il Divo is a group of some of the world’s most accomplished singers from the world’s of opera, musical theater and classical concert performance, all of whom join together to perform a wide variety of “crossover” classics, specifically selected with your audience and their tastes in mind. The Leading Men features a sophisticated cast of highly accomplished performers who have made their name starring in some of the world’s most famous and popular Broadway musicals. In addition to The Leading Men themselves, you can supplement their performance with the addition of The Leading Ladies, their female equivalents. The combination of these two acts is a truly dynamic, engaging, exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

As you can tell, the entertainment options we offer at China Speakers Agency mirror the speaking options we offer. We are dedicated to providing event organizers with only the highest quality, most exciting and engaging acts, performing at a world-class level, specifically tailored for speaking

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    Thanks for featuring The Three Waiters and our other shows in this article. We are proud to have such quality representation in China.

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