Darryl Lovegrove, Renowned Emcee and Entertainer from Asia Joins China Speakers Agency

China Speakers Agency is proud to announce the availability of one of their newest speakers- Darryl Lovegrove. Known across the world as a renowned singer, MC and motivational speaker, Lovegrove hails originally from Austraila and is now available for engagements throughout Asia.

Darryl Lovegrove .jpg Darryl has worked within the entertainment industry for 20 decades and knows how to create a dynamic, engaging and affecting performance. He won acclaim for his roles in Les Miserables and Chess, but stole the stage and won the title of one of Australia’s most famous and powerful singers & actors starring as Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. He has won a number of awards within his industry and co-created the corporate entertainment sensation The Three Waiters which he performed for organizations for over a decade.

Taking his flair for the dramatic and combining it with his hard-won lessons working his way to the top of a highly competitive industry Darryl has created innovative keynote presentations to inform and motivate his audiences. Combining operatic singing performances with a plain-spoken method of avoiding corporate-speak to get to the route of what success really means and requires, Darryl’s speeches engage all audiences.

While he provides speeches on a number of topics Darryl specializes in engaging audiences on the topic of entrepreneurism- a topic near and dear to his heart. Not only did he need to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in the entertainment business Daryl runs his own corporate entertainment business.

Hiring Darryl for your engagement is as simple as sending an inquiry email to [email protected].