Debra Meiburg – Wine Master in Asia

Not all speakers focus on the nuts-and-bolts of running your business. Some speakers excel at their ability to share their infectious joy and expertise on the finer points of life. Consider Debra Meiburg– one of the world’s foremost experts on wine who excels at providing organizations with programs designed to educate and entertain them on this high-class topic.
Debra Meiburg.jpg

Developing an expertise with wine was practically unavoidable for Debra, who grew up in California’s renowned wine-producing region of Sonoma County. Debra chose to make wine both her passion and her profession and developed her expertise around the world handling every element of the business. She picked grapes in Chile, pruned vines in France, worked in a cellar, and even taught the subject at RIT in New York. In fact Debra has achieved the rank of Master of Wine- a title held by only 270 individuals throughout the world.

While she is recognized internationally for her expertise on wine Debra has specifically developed her reputation as one of the most important wine journalists in Asia. She writes for the South China Morning Post, she contributes editing duties to the Asian Tatler Magazines and over 500 individuals within the professional wine community named her the “Most Influential Wine Journalist in Hong Kong” in 2007. Always working, Debra also produces a very popular Meet the Winemaker video series with the Discovery Channel.

Debra is happy to perform one of her popular, educating and entertaining wine programs for your organization, and all you need to do is get in touch with her representation by emailing [email protected].