Dr Geoff Raby on the Weibo Power

Former Australia Ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, talks about the power of Weibo, the most popular social media in China, and it’s impact on  the Chinese society, in his recent media interview:

Former Australian ambassador Geoff Raby is already convinced that in decades to come the weibo revolution will be seen as one of the key steps towards a freer China.

“Since I got here again in 2007 so much has changed: it’s just remarkable,” Mr Raby said. He believes the greatest power of weibo is the ability, for the first time, for Chinese to spontaneously organise, staying ahead of authorities.

Twitter was banned after its central role in the deadly sectarian riots in the troubled Muslim province of Xinjiang in July 2009.

“It has massively lowered the cost of organising,” Mr Raby said. “If costs are lower, demand will go up.”

Here is the link of the interview at The Australian.

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