Dr. Pankaj Ghemawat: World 3.0: Global Prosperity and How to Achieve It

Dr. Pankaj Ghemawat, professor of global strategy, was interviewed by IBTimes.tv on May 18, 2011. Dr. Pankaj is talking about his book, “World 3.0: Global Prosperity and How to Achieve It”.


Pankaj Ghemawat

Ghemawat on different “world views”:

I wanted to distinguish between several ways of thinking about the world that we live in. World 1.0, according to me is a worldview that focuses on national borders and neglects cross-border linkages. World 2.0 in some senses is it’s opposite. It neglects national borders and assumes that cross-border integration is complete. World 3.0 recognizes that cross-border integration, while important, is limited, and most of the key messages in this book hinge off that point and the observation that the lion’s share of economic interaction in our world is still between countries that are close to each other geographically, culturally, politically, or otherwise.

Ghemawat explains “World 3.0”:

So what I’m suggesting in World 3.0 is that at a time when people are both distrustful of some of the excesses of markets and pessimistic about the abilities of governments to deal with those excesses, integration represents a mechanism that helps us correct some market failures without loading that whole burden onto governments and regulators. It’s a better way forward precisely because it avoids pressing too heavily on both of these levers that people have come to have some serious suspicions about: Simply leaving everything to business or leaving everything to the government.

Pankaj Ghemawat

Pankaj Ghemawat is one of the new generation management gurus who throws new light on corporate behaviour and particularly its global aspect. He is currently Professor of Global Strategy at the IESE Business School which is ranked as one of the top 3 business schools in Europe and also writes a blog on global strategy, ‘What in the World’ for Harvard Business Online. He has written several award winning publications on Business Strategy including the bestseller ‘Redefining Global Strategy’.

Pankaj Ghemawat challenges current thinking on globalisation and explains to audiences his controversial theory as to why he believes ‘the world is not flat’ and why we are living in an era of ‘semi-globalisation’. By basing his research on real-world case studies and with a mastery of economic data, Prof. Ghemawat offers CEOs and business leaders refreshing and effective strategies for sustained business development in today’s volatile economic climate.

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