Dr Willy Lam’s Insights on Recent China Political Events – Media Summary Mid Nov 2012

Expert on Chinese politics, Willy Lam, 林和立’s insights on China’s recent political events – including China’s reforms, Party Congress and more:

Ideology, vested interests: Why China’s reforms have hit brick wall

CNN – ‎Nov 12, 2012‎
Editor’s note: Willy Lam is Adjunct Professor of History at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Senior Fellow with the Jamestown Foundation in Washington D.C. He is also a regular contributor for CNN on Chinese affairs. Hong Kong (CNN) — There is 

China’s Communist Party wraps up congress with little sign of reform

Los Angeles Times – ‎Nov 14, 2012‎
Willy Lam, a China expert at the University of Hong Kong, said there is some disappointment that Hu, who once was seen as a reformer, wasn’t able to make much progress in opening up the party during his two five-year terms. “Even though Hu has been

Experts detail 5 challenges for China

CNN – ‎Nov 14, 2012‎
But will any fracture lines be enough to tilt the Party towards reform? China commentator Willy Lam weighs in, noting that “even before the birth of the People’s Republic in 1949, factions within the party had fought over the future direction of the country.” 

Xi Jinping takes helm of China’s Communist Party amid reform calls

Fox News – ‎Nov 15, 2012‎
“Political reform will be put on the back burner,” said Willy Lam of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “Politically it will be frozen. It will be totally frozen.” Maintaining Communist rule and ensuring stability is paramount for the Chinese leadership, said Dali 

After months of mystery, China unveils new top leaders

CNN – ‎Nov 15, 2012‎
But many analysts are skeptical about the willingness of leaders to adopt significant changes, noting the concentration of power and money at the top of the party. The new set of leaders appears set to uphold the status quo, according to Willy Lam, a history 

Will there really be change in China?

CNN (blog) – ‎Nov 14, 2012‎
Willy Lam is a China scholar at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He says, “Xi Jinping is a good guy. He’s a consensus candidate. He’s also willing to work with different factions so that’s why he was chosen. However, he is not a visionary or charismatic 

China’s Urban Champion Li Gets Task of Reviving Reform

Businessweek – ‎Nov 13, 2012‎
 face of resistance from those who have prospered under the current system and who blocked progress under outgoing President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen, said Willy Wo-Lap Lam, an adjunct professor of history at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Xi Faces Economic Test of Courage After Leadership Change

Businessweek – ‎Nov 15, 2012‎
Ma Kai, a former head of the National Development and Reform Commission now on the 25-member Politburo, could fill a diminished version of Wang’s former role, with Li and Zhang Gaoli also playing sizable roles, said Willy Wo-Lap Lam, an adjunct 

Chinese leadership: speculation begins on who will take power in 2022

The Guardian – ‎Nov 16, 2012‎
Willy Lam, a Chinese politics expert at the Washington-based Jamestown Foundation, wrote that incentive systems laid out by Hu Jintao make it unlikely that the sixth generation would enact real political change. Third-generation leaders such as Deng 

Xi Jinping shaped by rural re-education – FT.com

Financial Times – ‎Nov 13, 2012‎
“It is no secret that he was chosen five years ago as the successor to power precisely because he is not a person to shake up the hierarchy or to take dangerous risks,” says Willy Lam, a scholar of Chinese politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Will China’s new leader result in a new direction for the country?

Globe and Mail – ‎Nov 15, 2012‎
This will help him consolidate his position,” said Willy Lam, an expert on Communist Party politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It’s not clear what Mr. Xi will do with his moment. The pudgy 59-year-old with the shiny black hair, who saw his family 

Asia-Pacific China’s new leadership led by Xi Jinping

Aljazeera.com – ‎Nov 14, 2012‎
Meanwhile in Hong Kong, China analyst Willy Lam said Xi could take a harder line in foreign policy “in order to consolidate his power quickly.” “So we expect, perhaps, possible military confrontation with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam over sovereignty 

Stage set for Chinese political theatre

Mail & Guardian Online – ‎Nov 14, 2012‎
“This entire process is a classic black-box operation,” said Willy Lam, political analyst at Chinese University of Hong Kong. “It’s rule of man, not rule of law.” Western political models. At the opening of the 16th party congress a decade ago, Jiang – who allowed 

China’s new leaders to be revealed Thursday

Radio Australia – ‎Nov 12, 2012‎
His biographer, Willy Lo-Lap Lam from the Chinese University in Hong Kong, says he’s considered as more of a visionary leader than Hu Jintao. “[Hu Jintao] has proven to be perhaps a mediocre leader, so this has given rise to the possibility that Jiang Zemin 

I will win trust of the people, vows China’s new leader Xi – World – News – London 

Evening Standard – ‎Nov 15, 2012‎
Willy Lam, of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, added: “Political reform will be put on the back burner. It will be totally frozen.” As well as corruption, problems the new leadership must deal with include a big gap between rich and poor, the environmental 

He’s a Xi! Jinping enters Beijing Valhalla

Daily Maverick – ‎Nov 15, 2012‎
Shortly after the committee’s names were announced, Chinese University of Hong Kong scholar Willy Lamcommented to media, “Political reform will be put on the back burner. Politically it will be frozen. It will be totally frozen.” Despite a seemingly overall 

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