Eddie Wang In Hot Demand for His China Expertise


Through his extensive and accomplished career spanning three decades in the banking sector Eddie Wang has developed a level of knowledge and sensitivity to this often intimidating field which few others have or ever will.

Recently Eddie spoke at the CPA Australia Congress in Hong Kong on October 14th. This conference covers the larger issues of business and leadership and doesn’t narrow its focus simply to banking and accounting matters. The conference was a huge success in no small part due to Eddie’s keynote speech titled “Market Access to China: Key Success Factors” where he expounded upon challenges and opportunities available to foreign investors looking to take part in the world’s second largest economy. In his speech he covered issues ranging from the industries most conducive to outside investment as well as nuts-and-bolts advice for how to establish a business in China.

Eddie’s career in the banking field includes long engagements with HSBC (including working as the China Chief Executive of Holdings Pic fo 8 years), time spent as a private banker in Beverly Hills, and the achievement of being the first Hong-Kong Chinese Banker assuming the top position within a domestic Chinese bank when he acted as president of China Misheng Bank at the personal invitation of the Central Government. His career has not only spanned a range of individual institutions and positions it has also featured years spent in every facet of the industry- private, retail and corporate.

Contacting Eddie about your speaking needs is as simple as sending an email to [email protected].