Emma Reynolds: (The Design of) Work Sucks…

Emma Reynolds_2011.jpg

Emma Reynoldshas never been afraid to speak her mind and the business world has responded to her unique perspective by constantly hiring her for speaking and writing engagements. Encapsulating Emma’s mission in life is simple- she lives to provide a Gen Y perspective on why and how the world of work needs to change. Emma’s perspective and gutsy approach to slaying the business world’s sacred cows is displayed to great effect on her most recent essay titled Work Sucks.

Now, in Work Sucks Emma isn’t arguing the general slacker mentality too-often attributed (unfairly) to her generation. Instead Emma argues that the design of work sucks and needs to be radically overhauled to better reflect our new 21st century social and business environments. According to Emma the present model of work is mired in 20th century understandings of how businesses succeed in the Industrial Age. Of course, we no longer live during the Industrial Age and if we’re going to fulfill the promise of our present century then we’ll need to embrace its unique characteristics, argues Emma.

In fact Emma argues these changes have already occurred in most other areas of our lives and it’s simply time for the work world to catch up. And if anyone is qualified to help lead the business world into the new century its Gen-Y representative Emma Reynolds. By the age of 21 Emma already earned her place as one of the top branding and marketing consultants in Australia. After taking a few years to accumulate hands-on community-building experience in Peru Emma brought her unique perspective back to the business world.

To commission Emma for a speaking engagement on these and other topics you simply need to contact her representation at [email protected].