Eric Wong, Hong Kong Celebrity Entrepreneur Spoke at HSBC Event

Eric Wong 黃毅力, Hong Kong Celebrity Entrepreneur Spoke at HSBC Event

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Eric’s career started from his joining the Police Force as an Inspector at 18. Despite the lack of a university degree, Eric was promoted to the rank of Senior Inspector in just three short years. At 31, he resigned and joined Teresa, his wife and founder of Richburg Motors, and was made CEO of Richburg since then.  

Under the leadership of Eric, Richburg developed from a local SME into a regional business. Starting from motor retailing, Eric diversified into motor engineering, premium car workshop, luxurious yacht distributorship and even F&B business. In the past decade, Eric has got through many challenges, including the Asian Financial Crisis, SARS, the Global Financial etc. Eric had once downsized his company, reduced his own salary and sold his own yacht so as to preserve the business during the stormy days.

Eric loves sharing his entrepreneurial and management experiences though speaking and publishing.  

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