Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “speakers bureau”?

A speakers bureau is an agency representing professional speakers for event organizers, companies and organizations who are looking for celebrities, keynote speeches, seminars, panels and so on.

Why China Speakers Agency?

We represent renowned China experts, as well as top-notch international speakers.

Instead of searching for the perfect speakers, checking their availability one by one, negotiating terms, and arranging their travel, you simply need to give us a ring. We recommend the best fit and take care of all of the logistics.

No additional cost is incurred for our consultancy and services, for we secure our commission directly from our speakers while providing them with the administrative support they need to let them focus on their speaking.

Our clients include multinational corporations, regional businesses, and civic organizations. You can rely on us to provide just the right speaker for a wide variety of occasions including conventions, management training programs, B2B events, client entertainment, and special company events.

Need a last-minute substitute? We are ready to meet your unanticipated needs by quickly finding you the perfect speaker should your presenter cancel due to an unexpected emergency.

How much does it cost?

Speaker fees vary widely depending on the speaker’s popularity, his or her availability and the event requirements. Generally, fees for keynote speeches start at around USD5,000. For celebrity speakers and top business experts, fees can range from USD20,000 to USD40,000 and up. For well-known personality names fees are usually over USD60,000. In most cases, travel and lodging expenses are in addition to the speaker honorarium, including air travel, accommodations and limited out-of-pocket expenses.

What types of speaker does China Speakers Agency represent?

At China Speakers Agency you will find top-rated speakers, which are composed of celebrities, compelling authors, management experts, top motivational speakers, university professors, media personalities, politicians, sports stars and other leading authorities. Topics covered include leadership, business management, trends, innovation, motivation and a variety of other popular and specialised topics.

Does China Speakers Agency handle international events?

Yes, we do. Many of bookings are international events.

Are all the speakers China Speakers Agency represent highlighted on the website?

No, not all the speakers we represent are highlighted on our website. Please contact us direct by phone at (852) 9424 6191 or by email at  if you don’t see the speaker you are looking for and we will get in touch with the person you are inquiring about.

Can China Speakers Agency help us with our training initiatives?

Yes, our consultants would be most glad to help you develop training programs on a variety of subjects including business development, communication skills, facilitation of technical training, presentation skills, strategic marketing and so on.

Can I audio / video tape the event?

Permission for recording has to be obtained from the speaker prior to your event. Usually, speakers will agree to taping for internal organizational use only.

Can book-signing be arranged?

Most author-speakers enjoy doing book signings at their speaking events. Please let us know if you would also like to arrange a book-signing and we can put you in direct contact with the publishers / local bookstores for the arrangements.