Jack Perkowski’s, Mr China, Recent Insights on China

Jack Perkowski’s, Mr China, Recent Insights on China

China says Mr. nation’s economic boom is far from over | Economic


Beijing, China (PRWEB) February 2, 2012. In a bold refutation of major prophets of doom of China, including New York University Professor Nouriel Roubini and hedge fund manager Jim Chanos, Jack Perkowski , aka Mr.

China’s Economic Boom – A Serious Threat to the Environment


Jack Perkowski, the Wall Street veteran known as “Mr. China”, claims that the country’s economic boom is far from over: “Those predicting a hard landing didn’t take into account of the fact that the Chinese government has all

ChinaMoneyPodcast.com’s Latest Episode Shows Investors Are Still


Jack Perkowski, a.k.a. Mr. China, tells China Money Podcast there is little to worry about and now is a great time to invest in China because the Chinese government will ensure its economy staves off a crash scenario. The full audio interview

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excerpt: Jack Perkowski, Wall Street veteran, author, and the founder and Managing Partner of JFP Holdings has recently shared his insights and investment..