Jane Horan Publishes New Book: I Wish I’d Known That Earlier in My Career

Business owners and managers around the world recognize Jane Horan as a leading voice calling out for a more effective and progressive workplace. Through her new book, I Wish I’d Known That Earlier in My Career: The Power of Positive Workplace Politics, Jane cements her expertise in shaping corporate politics into a positive avenue for organizational growth and success.


While Jane provides solutions for all managers and business owners looking to transform their workplace she focuses on women’s issues on the job- specifically how to better balance gender dynamics within any corporate culture and work environment. To continue her commitment to gender equality in the business world Jane founded the Horan Group, a consulting agency devoted to helping women business leaders advance within their organizations with an emphasis on innovation and teaching.

Looking at Jane‘s background it’s easy to see why she’s so qualified to speak on these matters. She’s served top positions within corporations ranging from Kraft Foods Asia to The Walt Disney Company (Asia Pacific) in addition to acting as 1st Vice President on the board of PrimeTime, a Singapore-based professional women’s network. Finally Jane is a true expert in Asian business models, having spent the last 18 years pursuing her education and her career from Singapore to Hong Kong.

With her soon to be released new book Jane offers a hands-on approach to creating a positive corporate work environment, utilizing real life situations and precisely selected and analyzed case studies to demonstrate how her unique insights can apply to your company.

Jane Horan is presently available for speeches and conferences through much of Asia and can be easily reached through our speaker’s agency.