Juan Pablo Cardenal on China’s “Informal Imperialism”

Juan Pablo Cardenal, author of “China’s Silent Army”, shares his views on China’s ‘Informal Imperialism’ in his interview on CNBC.

Juan Pablo Cardenal

Juan Pablo Cardenal is a Spanish journalist that has been Asia-based since 2003, first as the Shanghai correspondent for Spain’s daily ‘El Mundo’ and later in Singapore and Beijing for Spain’s economic daily ‘El Economista’. During these years he has mainly covered China’s economic and social developments and has travelled extensively in the region. Since 2009 he has travelled to 40 countries in both the West and the developing world to look into how is China becoming a global power and the impact of it at local level. The result of such a field research materialized in the book ‘China’s Silent Army’, and in a current book (on China’s approach to the West) that is now in progress.

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