Lijia Zhang’s thoughts on the US

Zhang Lijia , our beloved motivational speaker from China, has just been back from her travel in the US.  Below is her thoughts from her trip…

My Impression of US and Its Social Mobility « lijia zhang’s blog


Having just returned from US, it feels like to have fallen back to the reality. What an incredible trip it was. First of all, to recap what we’ve done. We spent the first few days in DC with an old friend who has just started to work for

extremes in America « lijia zhang’s blog


We are experiencing two extreme ends of American life.  A few days ago, we stayed with a black family in a poverty stricken and crime – ridden black community in South Shore, in Chicage; and now we are staying at…

My meeting with Chen Guangcheng in New York « lijia zhang’s blog


When my former boss from Newsweek Melinda Liu followed him to New York in May, the first question he fired was: “Where is Lijia?” The PR guy wrote back soon with a promise of passing on the message. A few hours later,

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