Peggy Liu’s Popular Presentation Titles on Today’s China, and more…

Below you have the most popular presentations on today’s China from Peggy Liu

Peggy Liu

The China Dream. Reimagining prosperity to reshape consumption. The path to moving from conspicuous consumption to a more sustainable China Dream. (See Ensia talk or WWF Netherlands keynote video, start at 2:55)

China 101. Basic insights into how differing cultural norms affects how you should collaborate with China. The rise of China is not just a short-term phenomenon. It’s in the middle of a 40-year growth spurt. Learn how you can take advantage of this growth, rather than be taken advantage of. (Most recently for CriticalEye at HSBC in London)

Stone Soup Collaborative Leadership. A new model for training collaborative leaders and organizations to help society and institutions address today’s larger, more complex challenges. (Most recently at WEF Davos)

China is Changing From the Factory of the World to the Cleantech Laboratory of the World. How collaboration with, rather than competition against, China will bring affordable sustainable solutions to the world. (See TEDxChCh video)

Is China really going green? Beyond solar and wind manufacturing, what’s happening in China’s energy and environment scene? Does China really want to go green? Can it go green fast enough? (See See Green Mondays in London)

City design can shape sustainable behavior. As China invents the urban future as it builds whole cities at a rapid pace to accomodate the largest urban migration in history, it can shape cities to influence citizen behavior. (See TEDxCity2.0 video)

Cultural Bridges- the New Service Jobs. In a more global business world, cultural convening will be an important new service job to find new business opportunities. How can we help our students prepare for these jobs? (See TEDxShanghaiWmn video)

Marketing High Technology. How marketing savvy helped me get from “Internet Pioneer” to China’s “Green Goddess”. Make complex ideas understandable and attractive to the masses.
Calling Women Leaders. Why capable women’s choices NOT to lead are a surprising barrier to gender equality in the workforce.

How Women Can Change the World For the Better. Today’s global challenges need collaborative leaders to convene, facilitate, and catalyze change. How can we identify and nurture these women? What organizations do we need to surround them with to succeed?

People vs. The Earth. How rising populations are creating an unliveable world.

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About Peggy Liu

Peggy Liu, Chairperson of JUCCCE, is internationally recognized for her expertise on China’s sustainability landscape and for fostering international collaboration with China. JUCCCE is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the greening of China, because a green China is the key to a healthy world. JUCCCE is a leader in creating systemic change in sustainable cities, sustainable consumerism and smart grid, and most noted for its multi-sector convening power. Peggy has a passion for making the world a better place.

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