Peter Nixon: Mastering Business in Asia

If you’re going to succeed in Asia’s new markets you need to learn how to successfully negotiate with these new giants- and Peter Nixon is the man to teach you and your organization how to do just that! Peter Nixon.jpg

Peter’s expertise in negotiating with Asian firms was forged by two important tracks he’s been following his whole life. On the one side Peter spent years as an auditor with one of the world’s largest accounting firms, giving him a deep understanding of how international finance really works. On the other side Peter has developed world-class communication skills by training and consulting individuals hailing from over 55 different countries.

While Peter has earned numerous high-level certifications, and while Peter is in the middle of completing his doctoral research, his real credentials lie in founding The Potential Network, which provides sourcing and contracting services looking to find the best and most objective consultants the world has to offer. Peter has specifically focused on international business communication within Asia and authored the book Mastering Business in Asia: Negotiation.

Within his speaking engagements Peter explains his three-pronged approach to facilitating dialogue between business cultures which may never see eye to eye. First, he explains the need to sharpen your focus and to facilitate communication. Next, Peter expounds on the best way to continue dialogue through culturally sensitive and relevant negotiation. Finally, you will learn how to actually implement the tangible results of your negotiations.

If you would like to acquire Peter for a speaking engagement then all you need to do is get in touch with his representation by sending a quick message to [email protected].