Robyn Meredith @ TED Global 2012: China’s Dream for Its Own Future

Robyn Meredith spoke at TED Global Conference in 2012 on China’s dream for its own future. Below you have the video with her talk…

Globalization has had the strangest effect. But we should be clear, as China moves into its next stage of development, it is choosing its own path, choosing what makes sense for its 1.3 billion citizens. And why wouldn’t it? We all need to pay attention to China’s dream for its own future. Because that’s the dream most likely to come true.

About Robyn Meredith

Robyn Meredith is the author of “The Elephant and the Dragon: The Rise of India and China and What it Means for the Rest of Us”, published by W.W. Norton in 2007 and Senior Editor, Asia for Forbes Magazine, based in Hong Kong. She has written cover stories on General Motors, Microsoft, Toyota, Li & Fung, and Infosys.

Robyn Meredith joined Forbes as its Detroit Bureau Manager in April, 2000 to write about the auto industry. One of her Forbes articles was included in the 2002 Edition of the book “The Best Business Stories of the Year.

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