Anders Sorman-Nilsson

As the Swedish-Australian founder of Thinque, Anders Sorman-Nilsson (LLB MBA) has become a valued strategist to Fortune 500s and ASX leaders, converting provocative questions into proactive, predictive strategies. A global thought leader since 2005, Anders works across four continents as a speaker, futurist and author.

With an average of 240 international travel days a year, Anders’ view is that the future and ‘the now’ are converging to disrupt business in a city near you; giving the curious, creative and the courageous a competitive and sustainable edge.

An active member of TEDGlobal Anders has keynoted at TEDx in the United States and Australia, was nominated for the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leader in 2015 and was the keynote speaker at the G20’s Y20 Summit in Australia. His presentations are meticulously researched, highly energetic and always fascinating with content tailored to the audience, which is why clients like Apple, Cisco, Mercedes Benz, Hilton, SAP, Gartner and Macquarie Bank have turned to Anders over the years to help them to push the bounds of the status quo — translating research into valuable foresight and business impact.

Anders is regularly featured in international media including Monocle, Business Insider, Sky News Business, CIO Magazine and BOSS. He has authored two forward-thinking books “Digilogue: how to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow’s customer” (an invaluable insight into the consumer mindset of the 21st century) and “Thinque Funky: upgrade your thinking”.
His exciting new book “Seamless: the futurephile’s guide to leading digital adaptation and human transformation” is due for release in October 2016.


Seamless Transitions: weaving digital & analogue worlds

The world is lled with friction. Everywhere we go we experience the frictive effects of badly designed “seams”. Brands are busily ‘digitizing’ and adding new channels of communication. But oftentimes, these are merely additive and confusing, rather than integrative and mutually reinforcing.

Smart brands understand that the future of customer service, great customer experience and the creation of raving fans lies in their ability to design seamless transitions between physical and digital channels, and to deliberately and empathetically remove friction from our lives.

In a future of the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, and Arti cial Intelligence, the ability of leaders and brands to go ‘seamless’ will distinguish the winners from the losers.

In this tailored presentation audiences discover:

  • A futurephile’s guide to creating seamlessness for your brand and organization
  • How to think and design to avoid the top frictive mistakes of companies in demise my products….
  • How to use seamlessness to create raving brand advocates and customer loyalty
  • The reasons why leading a seamless transformation inside your organization is a prerequisite for ensuring external seamlessness for your customers
  • How you can develop your brand and social media by telling your company’s story in a way that connects with our digital minds and analogue hearts, and why this is increasingly vital.

Digilogue: the convergence of the digital and the analogue

As some organizations careen recklessly into the digital future, others are being left behind. Smart companies are however realizing there is an important middle ground – the Digilogue. A place where digital and analogue converge. Where progressive ‘digital’ strategies satisfy a customer’s mind while the old fashioned ‘analogue’ practices soothe their hearts.

This customized presentation will provide:

  • Appreciation of the parts of your business that simply cannot go digital
  • Insights into the real customer experience. Those vital touchpoints that thrill them by speaking to their hearts and not their head
  • Understanding of how to develop your digital ‘story’ in a way that actually attracts business
  • Recognition of why customer service will never be replaced, but is reborn in the Digilogue

Waves of Change: three global trends disrupting your existence

Organizations and teams need to be equipped with strategic foresight for the future and having your nger on the pulse of the marketplace has never been more important. We are operating in a turbo-charged environment that waits for no one.

Waves of Change is a fascinating ‘Did You Know?’ session that will expand your thinking and shake your people up from ignorance, complacency and apathy. Change is impacting your business today, tomorrow and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

In this thought-provoking presentation:

  • Gain insight into the trends behind innovation, generation and communication phenomena that are upending your industry. Harness the important trends and explore how to use them effectively to improve strategy.
  • Anders will help you decode today’s landscape and show you how to use digital trends to drive innovation in successful products and services.


“At the US event, after two solid days, Ander has the entire audience on their feet and a room full of 130 people plus were more engaged than I have ever seen. His knowledge around trends in innovations, communication, and generations is unparalleled and the research he does into adapting his style cross-culturally was incredible.  If you haven’t heard on of his keynotes yet, add it to your bucket list!”
– Eli Lilly, America

“I needed my opening keynote to not only energize the crowd but to also help set the tone of the conference for the full week. Anders delivered all the above and so much more, helping us kickoff one of our best conferences to date. He adopted his speech to the unique demographics of our audience, heeding all my recommendations and requests. His informative, energetic and quirky / entertaining style was a huge hit with our attendees. I highly recommend him for any speaking engagement and look forward to calling on his services again.”
– Marketing Communications Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc

 Feedback from the Aurecon Roadshow 2010! :

“What a fantastic presentation.You really have an art at catching peoples attention and retaining it for the duration.In fact it was disappointing the hour was over all of a sudden.”

“Thanks for the entertaining and valuable presentation you gave this morning on thought leadership and streamlining ideas.I found it to be a rewarding experience and am sure I will be able to take something away from it.”

“Thanks for the fantastic presentation this morning here in Perth, definitely one of the one of the best and funniest I’ve ever been to – well done!”

“Anders’ delivery was schmick! He had a room full of Real Estate Agents in stitches & engaged throughout his presentation. Cheers!”
– Ausnet Real Estate Services

“On both occasions that we have hired Anders to speak, Anders’ message has been diverse, clear, interactive whilst delivering great meaning which all attendees have obtained and subsequently implemented within their individual environments.  We will continue to incorporate Anders into our future seminar calendar due to numerous and impressive feedback received and would recommend Anders to any company wishing to inspire “funky” thought processes to their target market.”
– National Sales Manager, Schwarzkopf / Henkel

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with Anders during reparation for a national congress, where Anders was voted Best Speaker’. In all my dealings with Anders I found him to be extremely accommodating and helpful. Our timelines were incredibly tight but he was able to work within the parameters with no issue. He makes his presentations so applicable and relevant to the audience. I have been lucky enough to have attended a couple of Anders’ sessions and have come away each time with new strategies to try, which is otherwise rare and I am pleased to say the strategies have been effective!”
– Clinical Operations Manager, Novotech Pharmaceutical

“Anders presented to a group of leading finance executives on behalf of the CFO Ambition forum. His topic was very well presented, with a mix of media and interaction that maintained and captured the whole audience. He is very knowledgeable, inspires thought and creates motivation to change our thinking. He is without doubt one of the most engaging speakers out there!”
– Research Manager, Ambition Recruitment

“Anders is like a B12 shot in the arm……you go in feeling lethargic, exhausted, lacking motivation. You leave feeling energised, enthused, alive. He enables you to get back out there and tackle your problems head-on with practical solutions you can implement today. Do yourself a favour ……get a shot.”
– Emergency Staff Specialist, Queensland Health

“Thanks again for your participation and cooperation with our past event, you were a dream to work with and I will tell everyone in the “game” who is looking for a special presenter for their next event!”
– Events Coordinator – Mater Education Centre, Mater Health Services

“Anders was the perfect opening keynote for our marketing-focused conference. He listened to what we wanted to achieve and he delivered exactly what we asked for. His energy, creativity and engaging speaking style help us set the tone, excitement and focus we wanted to achieve from the kickoff for our event.”
– Vice President, Juniper Networks

“I was looking for an engaging and thought-provoking speaker for our conference in early December 2010.  I needed my opening keynote to not only energize the crowd but to also help set the tone of the conference for the full week.  Anders delivered all the above and so much more, helping us kickoff one of our best conferences to date.”
– Cisco, Barcelona

“Anders is a fabulous speaker. He was engaging, charismatic, informative and created an amazing buzz in the room. His presentation was also perfectly matched to our brief. Our audience loved him!”
– University of Sydney

“Anders provided a Keynote and Plenary session at our State Conference both of which were detailed, informative, interesting and interactive – our delegates really enjoyed Anders presentations. I would love to work with him again in the future and I have no problem recommending Anders’ services to others.”

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