Conor Woodman

Conor Woodman is an international best selling author, TV presenter and broadcaster. He is the host of National Geographic Channel’s hit show Scam City, BBC Channel 4’s  Around The World in 80 Trades and ITV1’s Hunting Britain’s Con Men.

Conor is a former financial analyst turned investigative journalist. He has written and reported from the four corners of the globe on all manner of issues from gangs and organised crime to slavery and diamond smuggling to forest fires and salmon farming. Conor has a passion for making often complex stories accessible to everybody and a rare ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Scam City review:

“Conor Woodman braves the streets of Buenos Aires to see how travellers are being ripped off by enterprising locals. His knack for charming pickpockets, dodgy taxi drivers and a mistress of seduction means he gets a fascinating insight into the scammers’ work” - The Guardian – pick of the week

Conor’s books have been translated into 10 languages and published worldwide. His first book Around The World in 80 Trades – The Adventure Capitalist and accompanying four-part television series for Channel 4 tell the story of how he left his job in the City, sold his London flat and embarked on a round-the-world trading adventure. Travelling through four continents over five months, he turned his hand to making a profit out of everything from camels in Sudan to inflatable surfboards in Mexico, to discover how real people make real money in real markets.

Around the World in 80 Trades review:

“This is entertaining and enlightening stuff… at a time when business has never looked so morally bankrupt” - The Times

Conor’s second book Unfair Trade deals with how ordinary people around the world survive at the bottom of the supply chain. By living alongside miners, farmers, factory workers and fishermen from Africa to Asia to Central America, Conor tells the stories of the real people on whom the global economy depends. Unfair Trade was long listed for the prestigious 2012 Orwell Prize for political writing.

Unfair Trade review:

Conor Woodman travels from China to Afghanistan to investigate the issue of ethical business. Unlike other polemics on this subject, Woodman doesn’t preach and shows that he has a cool eye.” - The Telegraph 

Conor regularly reports back on his travels for the BBC’s flagship current affairs show From Our Own Correspondent and is also a guest presenter on Radio 4’s Costing the Earth. He writes for several magazines including TNT, Wanderlust, Conde Nast and Wexas Traveller.


Conor is a popular host at corporate events where he can tailor his talk to many areas. In previous talks he has recounted his adventures trading goods all over the world conveying the message that trade and enterprise are the fundamental pursuits that connect us all. He uses examples from trading camels in Africa to surfboards in Mexico to show us that making a profit is a universal concept.

Conor can also provide motivational talks on “How to reinvent yourself and do what you want to do” . Conor used to work in Finance in the City but he decided to change his life. Conor now travels around the world writing books about his trades and global, hugely successful television shows. Conor’s message is that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and do what you want to do. An inspirational talk that will lift any room.


“In recounting his trading adventures, Conor Woodman managed to provide the ideal blend of fact and entertainment. His anecdotal style made for an interesting and amusing presentation that served to remind us that spotting an opportunity, having the ability to negotiate and knowing your market are the same fundamental principles applicable to whatever – and wherever – you choose to trade.”

Kai Hughes, Managing Director, International Cotton Association.

“From the moment Conor stepped up on stage he had the audience in the palm of his hand. His tales made many in the room with a financial background wonder how they could do what he had done. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Conor to anyone needing an engaging, charismatic and entertaining after dinner or business speaker.”

Jan McDermott, President of the Liverpool Institute of Chartered Accountants.

“Having Conor Woodman speaking at our conference was the highlight of the day. He was eloquent, engaging and very inspiring not to mention very humble and charming. All our evaluation forms have come back with Conor as the favourite speaker of the day. He was certainly mine!”

Donna Rickaby, Membership Manager, National Enterprise Network

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