Debra Meiburg

A Hong Kong resident for 25 years, Master of Wine Debra Meiburg is an award-winning author, TV personality, international speaker, and a leading voice in wine education in Greater China.  In 2012 she was ranked the 7th most powerful woman in wine by Drinks Business Magazine, received the China Power List Award by WINE Magazine (China) and the 2012 Il Premio Internazionale (Vinitaly International Award).  In 2011, Debra was named one of 7 People to Watch by Decanter Magazine, a biennial who’s who of the most influential personalities in the wine world.

Debra is producer and host of a television show called Taste the Wine that is broadcast on Cathay Pacific Airways and in 26 countries.  She is producer and host of Grape Moments, a series of one-minute wine tips broadcast via taxis to 60 million monthly viewers in China.  She also hosts an on-line video series called Meet the Winemaker.  Debra developed a chic suite of award-winning wine educational books and tools currently distributed on four continents.

Debra has worked at wineries in Bordeaux, South Africa, USA and Chile.  She judges many wine competitions annually and co-founded the world’s first truly pan-Asian wine competition, the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition.  Wine columnist at the South China Morning Post for ten years, she also authored the Guide to the Hong Kong Wine Trade, firmly establishing herself as a champion of the Asian wine trade.



Set Menu #1: Signature Style
Let Me Introduce You to Your Tongue

The ultimate in wine edutainment, Debra’s encyclopedic wine knowledge, charming ability to entertain and educational skills deliver a palate pleasing experience!

Treat your guests to Debra’s all-encompassing introduction to tasting wine like the pro’s. Tongue tingling exercises demonstrate key factors affecting wine quality, such as acidity, sweetness, tannins and alcohol. Participants experiment with q-tips, lemon juice, tea, grapes and other tools. to “map” their tongues. Your guests will learn the principles of wine selection, develop skills in assessing and analysing wine quality, refine their knowledge of the six “noble grapes” and untangle tongue twisting terminology such as wine intensity, complexity and length.

This fun program is capped off with a popular segment called “how to bluff your way through a wine dinner.”

Plus, to help build camaraderie during a dinner format, Debra can arrange a small “table competition’’ where each table will work together to evaluate a wine ‘’blind’’ using their newly acquired judging skills.

Best Served: A one-hour programme, best performed classroom style or integrated into a lunch or dinner event. Possibilities include:

· A fun and educational element to your annual company sales dinner
· An entertaining break during a company conference or retreat
· An intimate client dinner to wow your top clients with the chance to taste and discuss wine in detail with Asia’s most renowned wine media personality


Set Menu #2: Vinophile Olympiad
The Ultimate Wine Competition


Get out of the boardroom and into the barrel! Team building and wine education are combined in this unique and memorable afternoon of hands-on competitive wine activities.

Set up as a circuit or competition style event, teams compete at various wine-related challenges, from opening champagne bottles with a saber, tasting exercises, aroma “smell tests”, grape stomping, barrel rolling and more.

Vinophile Olympic events are tailored to suit your wishes and venue capabilities. A medal ceremony awarding the winning teams concludes the day, and can be followed by a food and wine pairing dinner to cap off a memorable afternoon and put new tasting skills into practice.


Best Served: Depending on activities chosen, circuit duration is approximately 1-1.5 hours. Can be held on a large scale in an outdoor location with elaborate physical challenges or scaled down to an indoor format with challenges suitable for most standard hotel conference facilities. Possibilities include:

· Integrate into a sales / business development conference itinerary to build morale between employees working in different cities/countries
· The perfect ice-breaker at an executive retreat
· Strengthen relationships by treating your best clients to a day of fun they’ll never forget

Set Menu #3: Perfect Pair
Marrying Food & Wine


When matched correctly, food and wine make a heavenly couple, each bringing out the best in each other and ultimately completing a meal. Debra will show you how!

Enjoy a luxurious dining experience with a food and wine menu meticulously planned by Debra. As your charming host for the evening, Debra will guide you through the principles behind perfect food and wine matches and explain in detail all the essentials of this art, with practical exercises that demonstrate many of the theories. After undertaking this programme, whether you’re guests are entertaining at home or hosting clients in a restaurant, Debra’s workshop will ensure they get it right each time.

Best Served: Dinner format, with educational elements integrated into the pre-dinner period and during dinner. Possibilities include:

· A large company dinner, intimate client event or anything in between
· Dinners can be adapted thematically to highlight a company achievement, milestone or identity (eg Chinese food paired with wine to celebrate signing a valuable new China-based account; Italian wine and cuisine to highlight sales success in Italy; or iconic dishes and wines from Europe to commemorate opening of European office/branch etc)

Set Menu #4: Bankable Bottles
Wine as an Investment


Swap stocks and shares for sips and swirls as Debra talks wine dollars and sense. From A to Z, Debra will guide you through the vast, varied and complex world of wine investment, so you’ll understand how to beat the market.

From what to buy and when, planning your wine collection, managing inventory, careful storage, recouping your investment, buying at auction and much more, Debra guides you through the world of wine investment. This program is easily tailored to different experience levels, and can offer a broad introduction for those beginning their foray into wine investment, to a more specialised event for seasoned investors looking for a wine professional’s guidance on specific regions, vintages and markets. The content may be serious, but Debra’s entertaining style will ensure a beautiful blend of business and pleasure.



Best Served: Ideal for corporate groups and large-scale investors, as well as small private groups of personal collectors and hobby investors, this flexible one-hour programme is easily adapted to a range of situations. Possibilities include:

· An ideal inclusion in a full or half day programme of investment presentations
· Investment companies can arrange a small group sessions for private wealth management clients (followed by a perfectly tailored food and wine pairing dinner)
· A pre-dinner workshop for enthusiastic private wine collectors looking to enrich their personal knowledge

Set Menu #5: Know Your Bubbles
Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams

The “wine of kings and the king of wines”, Champagne represents celebration, luxury and indulgence. Debra will guide you through the world of the finest bubbles so you’ll know the best way to toast every occasion.

Take this ultimate Champagne journey with Master of Wine, Debra Meiburg. Nothing says celebration like exquisite Champagne and Debra takes guests on an exploration of this highly celebrated drop, with history, interesting facts, winemaking techniques and background on the world’s most renowned producers. You and your guests will engage in practical tasting exercises and learn evaluation skills, while sampling some of the world’s best Champagne.


You enthralled, you simulated, you interested, you titillated, you amused…  Debra, I cannot tell you what positive feedback I had to “Let me introduce you to your tongue” last Friday.   A lot of YPO people think they know an enormous amount about wine – and I know some do – but when you are in the hands of such as master, well, we were putty in your hands.

Thank you for giving us your evening, and what I know is very limited time.

It was a fabulous start to what turned out to be a memorable weekend.

Ian Thubron
Group President, TBWA\Greater China
EVP, TBWA\Asia Pacific


Thanks so much for making the effort to join us at our YPO event over the weekend.  Your presentation was clearly a highlight of the weekend.  While many of us aspire to learn more about wine, there are few opportunities I can remember when I actually learned so much.  Thank you for making the topic so approachable and the experience so enjoyable.  It was indeed a pleasure.  Similarly, I read the book on Sunday morning and found it one of the most easily approachable and comprehensible descriptions of something that I have been trying to get my head and palate around for years!

David J. Spencer,
Chapter Chair, Panasia YPO

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Mike Rowse

Ex Director-General, Invest Hong Kong