Emma Reynolds

Emma Reynolds is an Australian-born entrepreneur, currently living between Hong Kong and Singapore. She left Australia 10 years ago, spending five years in London before moving to Hong Kong in 2010.

She is on a mission, and that mission is disruption. Whether it’s helping students embrace failure, working with entrepreneurs or roaming the halls of the world’s best companies, Emma’s message is clear – what got you where you are today, won’t get you where you need to be tomorrow.

You’ll often hear Emma saying “Work Sucks! We are stuck in the 20th century industrial age mindset, there is a severe lack of trust in the workplace today and leaders are failing to truly inspire movements inside their companies.”

Emma is Co-founder & CEO of e3 Reloaded, a boutique consultancy that focuses on turning around company culture and increasing productivity, reducing recruitment costs, reducing attrition, and applying a marketing-centric approach towards engaging employees. Her journey has been anything but ‘normal’. Emma has lived and worked across three continents; Australia, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. At 23 she started her first consulting business, at 25 a research business, and at 27 moved to Hong Kong to build her third business, e3 Reloaded.

Now, at 31, Emma combines an international speaking career with in-depth client project work – recently she has worked on transformational projects with Standard Chartered, Cathay Pacific and Ralph Lauren. She has spoken in more than 20 countries, and is often called upon when conference organisers are looking for someone to shake up the audience, challenge thinking, say things no-one else is saying and inspire people to do something different. In a recent article, Emma was called ‘The Conscious Disruptor” and it’s for this reason she is in demand as an international speaker.

In 2012 Emma curated TEDxMongKok, one of the regions most celebrated TEDx events. She spoke at TEDxHKUST in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the TED Community. She was named one of Hong Kong’s most inspiring young women last year and in 2008 made headlines in The Sunday Times having been named by Management Today as one of ’35 Women Under 35’ to watch.

Emma combines a powerful keynote with a workshop to dive deeper and engage audiences:

Disrupt yourself before someone else does

You can’t beat success. Until you do. Success breeds complacency. And it’s not that hard to find complacency. It’s everywhere. From the smallest of businesses to the largest, from individuals to teams, inspired by the Charles Handy quote Emma is passionate about driving out complacency. “The world keeps changing. It is one of the paradoxes of success that the things and the ways which got you where you are, are seldom those that keep you there.” Charles Handy.

In this keynote / workshop Emma challenges you to challenge yourself. She shares her journey from the peak of success to the depths of bankruptcy, and then her rise again in Asia.

  • Explore the potential for reinvention
  • Don’t have a comfort zone
  • Constantly challenge conventionsEmma TEDxMK-9

Extreme Leadership in the 21st Century

Economically, technologically, demographically, sociologically – change is now the status quo. KPMG recently predicted that at its current pace, the world will progress 20,000 years in the next 100. Or 2000 years in the next decade. Wow. Almost everything we do in the 21st Century is up for review. Everything that you or your competition can think of is being redesigned, rethought, re-engineered. But here’s the more interesting thought. Everything will ‘always’ be up for review, all the time, permanently, forever and in real-time.

  • Work SUCKS
  • Employees are Thinking and Acting Like Customers
  • Employee Empowerment not Engagement
  • The W Effect, Leadership in the 21st century
  • Collaboration platforms and social tools to transform productivity

HR is the new Marketing; Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition

Disruption breeds innovation. And there is no better place to start than in HR and Recruitment. In the past decade alone we have experienced some of the greatest disruptive innovations. Think iTunes, Amazon, Square, MPESA…the list goes on. These innovations didn’t come from within industry. What does the next few years hold? Will your job even exist in 2015? Take a moment to really stop and think about that. Will your job exist in 2015? Is your product, service, industry or company the next target for disruptive innovation? Or are you at the forefront pioneering the next disruptive innovation? It’s time the recruitment industry changed. It’s time HR started thinking like Marketing and totally transformed the candidate experience. Employer Branding doesn’t mean what it used it.

  • Your candidate experience SUCKS
  • Candidates are thinking and acting like customers
  • Decoding The Cool List and totally disrupt how you recruit



From one Queenslander to another, you were Gold!
It is clear you know the presence you hold in a room and when you get on stage, that comes with expectations on what might come next, and in my opinion you delivered in spades.
Your session hit the mark on the theme of Adapt and I have had a lot of feedback from the delegates on how what you covered resonated with them. The delegates at our conference are business owners too, while we set success criteria to get there, it’s really up to them if they attend and what they take away.
Your message of disrupt yourself before someone else does goes really does strike a chord with me personally. People close to me know that as soon as life for me feels comfortable l will do something to create edge and positive stress, that’s how you change the game.
Importantly the message you deliver comes with five ‘how to’ that make very clear sense.
Your welcome to use this as a testimonial, tweak it a little if you like, I trust you, hope it’s ok?

~ Chief Executive Officer, Finance & Systems Technology           

Thank you thank you thank you!!!
What an exceptional session Emma, thanks so much. I had so much positive feedback from both our internal team and the clients after the event. Having just run through all of the feedback forms I can also tell you that you came up repeatedly as ‘the favourite thing about the conference’. We had a 100% score for people being happy with the event so I thank you for helping us to deliver such a positive experience to our clients.
I’m sure we’ll be in touch again – you rubbed off on our leadership team here today.

~ VP Global Sales and Program Management, APAC, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Our organisation needed to reach new level in cross border/function partnering to better address our challenges getting ever more complex with our rapid scale growth and changing environment.
Emma workshop clearly delivered upon our expectations. Her energy, passion and leading expertise have resonated with our leadership group and challenged all of us to accelerate our transformation journey to remain ahead. The eco-system is rapidly changing and it was a breath of fresh air to get an helicopter view led by an inspiring and capturing pilot. Following this introduction, we jumped on the opportunity to develop further projects with E3 reloaded.

~ Royal Canin SAS            

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