Fernando Salvetti

Anthropologist, epistemologist, knowledge entrepreneur.

Fernando is an inspiring speaker dealing with key-topics such as anthropology and international business, cultural psychology, education and communication at an international level.

Winner of several recognition and awards as a knowledge entrepreneur, he’s at the forefront of cross-cultural intelligence to develop today’s business in the global world.

He specializes in helping executives and managers from multinational companies, international organizations and governments to foster their cultural awareness and cross-cultural intelligence in order to deal with challenges such as:

  • international and global operations, working teams, projects;
  • international mergers and acquisitions, alliances and partnerships;
  • knowledge sharing and dissemination at an international level;
  • capacity building, lifelong learning, coaching, educational activities and strategies;
  • international behavioral codes and leadership styles.

Fernando is the founder and managing partner of LKN (Switzerland): a very innovative and high-tech company, set up in 1996, with a networked think-tank comprised of 3,000 chartered experts based in 60 countries. With LKN, he has been supporting a wide range of organizations from several countries.

Based in Berne (Switzerland), Paris (France) and Turin (Italy), he is quite on the move having clients all around the world and LKN’s subsidiaries in several countries (Hong Kong, China, USA, Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia).

He is an author and an editor of books such as “Glo-cal” Working: Living And Working Across The World, Learn How To Learn!, Ethics & International Business.

Fernando has been also professor at business schools and universities: since 2009 he has been in charge of Cross-Cultural Intelligence at LUISS Business School, Rome, and since

2010 he has been in charge of Communication, Epistemology and Knowledge Management at the University of Milan “Bicocca” (MACSIS, a master course to communicate science and sustainable innovation). Previously, during the period 2003-2008, he served as a professor of Communication and Anthropology at the International Center for the Sociology of Work and Organization (CIDOSPEL), University of Bologna, and was Guest Speaker at several universities and business schools such as Berne, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Milan’s “Bocconi”, etc.

He is a chartered member from the Pool of Experts of OSEC Switzerland, the Swiss international business network; from Ingenious, MedTech and other Swiss based clusters of excellence aimed at foster the international business. He is also affiliate to the American Society for Training and Development, the American Anthropological Association, the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce in Zurich, the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, the Friends of Europe in Brussels.

Before setting up LKN in 1996, Fernando held various responsibilities in Italy such as attorney at law (Turin), public prosecutor (Biella), board’s member from a regional bank (Turin), associate professor of Creative Thinking from the Business School of the University of Turin, assistant professor of Jurisprudence and Theory of Knowledge from the Turin’s Law School, assistant professor of Epistemology and Communication from the Turin’s Psychology Dept., founder and managing partner of an events’ management and public relations agency (Turin).

He is a graduate both in Law from the University of Turin and in Philosophy and Human Sciences from the University of Urbino (Italy), with a PhD in Anthropology and Epistemology. He held several post-graduate diplomas and certificates in Anthropology, Cultural Psychology, Oriental Philosophies and Comparative Studies, Management, Law and International Business.

Previously, he attended both the “Botta” High School (liceo classico: humanities) in Ivrea and the “Viotti” Musical School in Vercelli. During the high school years he attended also the Acting School from the University of Turin.  He was born in Turin the 13rd March 1967.


Be International! How to live at your best an international life.

International Business 3.0. Cross-cultural intelligence and new markets, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and partnerships.

“Glo-cal” Working. Living and working across the world with cultural intelligence.

Europe & China. Understanding people and business from an European point of view.

China & Europe. Understanding people and business from a Chinese point of view.

Europe: An Overview. Understanding Europe, European Union and the way to deal with people from the main European countries.

Switzerland and the “Swissness”. Why Switzerland is so unique? And why is the ideal gateway to develop business in the knowledge society?

Do you know what makes an international leader? Tips to be effective.

Do you know your next “combat” zone abroad? Tips to be effective.

Do you have a survival guide for your next destination as an expat? Tips to be effective.

Keep It Simple! International communication and cultural psychology.

Be Polite! Understanding people, etiquette and life styles from all around the world.

Be Intelligent! Thinking out-of-the-box to understand the different ways to communicate and to think in our global & local world.

Anthropology & Business. How to develop your business with cultural intelligence.

What Is Cultural Intelligence? A concept for bridging and benefiting from cultural differences.

Can Cultural Issues Cause Plane Crashes? Do’s and don’ts to be effective communicators all around the world.

Do You Remember “The Red Corner”? Starting from the movie to introduce how to communicate and negotiate in China.

Do You Remember “Mrs Doubtfire”? Starting from the movie to introduce how to communicate and negotiate in the Western world.

Knowledge sharing within international organizations. Tips to be effective.

Are you able to share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues? Tips to be effective.

Do you know what is a knowledge creating company at an international level? Tips to be effective.


Anthropology For Managers (book, coming soon); Knowledge Sharing In The Age Of The New Media (book, coming soon); “Glocal” Working: Living And Working Across The World With Cultural Intelligence, 2010 (book); Ethics & Business: Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Ethical Instruments, 2010 (book); Anthropology And Epistemology for Global Managers, 2010 (paper); Cultural Intelligence And International Business, 2009 (paper); Internationales Business innerhalb nationaler und kulturelle Grenzen, 2009 (paper); Le commerce international entre les frontiers nationales et culturelles, 2009 (paper); Where Can You Go Without Cultural Intelligence?, 2009 (paper); Learn How To Learn! Knowledge Society, Education And Training, 2009 (book); Knowledge Sharing + Networking = Product Innovation, 2009 (paper); Global and local services, 2009 (paper); Gli strumenti dell’etica, 2007 (book); Società della conoscenza e formazione, 2006 (book); China, 2005 (paper); etc.


Many of them are availables on www.fernandosalvetti.info

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