Florence Eid

Dr. Florence Eidformerly Head of MENA research at JP Morgan, is the Founder and Chief Economist of Arabia Monitor. Dr. Eid has been Professor of Economics and Finance at the American University of Beirut and visiting professor at INSEAD and HEC Paris. She has worked with the World Bank on Latin American and North Africa as well as on the buy side as a hedge fund investment professional. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Arab Banking Corporation International Bank in London and has been a Trustee of the American University in Paris as well as a Patron of the Contemporary Arts Society in London. Dr. Eid holds a Ph.D. in Organization Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


  • The Arab Spring, and the New Paradigm unfolding in the Middle East: Where is the Middle East heading?
  • China-MENA trade and investment relations
  • Sukuk and Islamic finance (from both an issuer and investor’s perspective)
  • Economic and political developments in Egypt
  • Maghreb integration/the Maghreb opportunity
  • GCC Integration: Lessons from the EU
  • Regional and global energy markets (Iraq oil sector, shale gas revolution and its impact on the Middle East)
  • Entrepreneurship in the Middle East
  • Private Equity in the Middle East
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