Fredrik Haren

Fredrik Haren is a Swedish entrepreneur, publisher and author who now lives in Singapore. He is the founder of a creativity company called, and has been invited to speak on creativity in over 1000 sessions to people in more than 30 countries. He was awarded “Speaker of the Year” in Sweden 2007, and was selected as one of “Sweden’s 100 most inspiring persons” by the magazine “Leva” in 2008. In 2009 he was selected one of “Sweden’s most sought after business speakers”. Fredrik has written a total of 7 books, including best seller “The Idea Book, and his new book, “The Developing World” published last year.

Popular Programs

Business Creativity:

Why creativity is important, why it is difficult, and what we can do to help our employees to become more creative.

The Developing World

How an explosion of creativity from developing countries is going to change the world – and why the developed world needs to start paying attention.

You are less creative than you think – and more creative than you can imagine.

A talk to professionals in “creative industries”. A provocative, yet inspiring talk on creativity especially targeted for creatives.

Fredrik usually targets his talk for the specific audience. After more than 1000 speeches in creativity and innovation for more than 1 million people he knows how to adapt the speech for different audiences. Examples of targeted speeches are:

  • Creativity and sales.
  • Creativity and customer service
  • Creativity and HR
  • Creativity and leadership
  • Creativity and the schools.

The Idea Book

The Idea Book has sold over 200 000 copies to readers in more than 40 countries. It has been translated into 13 languages (including Mandarin and Japanese). It was recently launched in Singapore and quickly made it to the bestselling shelf of Borders, Kinokuniya and even the book shop at Changi Airport. When the book was launched in Japan, it made it to the top 5 on‘s list of best selling management books; and when the book was launched in Iceland, more than one percent of the population of Iceland bought The Idea Book within one month.

The Developing World

The last five years Fredrik Härén have been to 18 developing countries (and 8 developed countries) and done more than 200 interviews with people who in some way are involved with business and creativity.

He has met with cosmetics executives in Russia, professors in South Africa, creativity consultants in Egypt, IT-journalists in Iran, hotel managers in Dubai, designers in Indonesia, government officials in Thailand and mobile phone designers in South Korea and many, many more.

The result of his research is this book. A book about “The Developing World”.

In the book you will learn about the advantages of being a creative person in a developing country, about what the developed world can learn from the developing world, and most importantly, you will read about the dangers of defining yourself as “developed” in a world that has never been developing faster than now.  It is a book that may turn your view of the world up-side-down, and that hopefully will inspire you to become more curious about the great changes happening in the world right now.


“Fredrik Härén spoke at our kick off and everyone who attented was extremly impressed and were all inspired to create new innovations. Fredriks speech was the only thing everyone talked about at the end of the conference.

I highly recommend to bring Fredrik in as a key note speaker.”
~ Mikael Pawlo, CEO Mr Green.

“Thank you so much for giving such an interesting presentation at our conference in Stockholm. We have had an extremely good feedback.”

~ Sarah Garside, Praxit

“I’ve never heard someone speak on creativity so creatively.”

~ Tom Estad, Singapore Management University

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