Gary Bailey

Gary Bailey, former Manchester United and England goalkeeper, is now a renowned leadership and teamwork speaker and trainer – he completed an MBA from Henley in Oxford after he finished playing, and combines latest thinking with the good solid principles his former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson uses. Gary weaves the teamwork and leadership principles around exciting soccer analogies, focusing on Barcelona and Manchester United  as the teams which have exhibited the optimal teamwork spirit and also provides the best leadership ideas (from Sir Alex, Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and many more ) that will ensure the audience take home exceptional skills to improve their leadership or teamwork abilities. Gary offers keynote and training events to suit the client


Gary Bailey was outstanding. His down to earth approach also sets him apart from the conventional celebrity.
~ Tim

Awesome presentation! Brilliant!!! Dynamic & passionate!
~ Maureen

Not just an excellent leadership  speaker…and not just an intellectual and credible presenter, but BOTH !!
~ Meg Houghton, BP sponsorship manager.

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