Helen Turnbull

Dr. Helen Turnbull is a world recognized Thought Leader in global inclusion and diversity. Her PhD dissertation research was on stereotype threat, covering and internalized oppression across cultures and she has a deep knowledge and understanding of what it takes to create an inclusive environment. She is the author of two psycho-metric assessment tools on UB and Inclusion – Cognizant and the ISM profile and a new E-Learning program on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion. She has recently developed a new model on the complexity of embedding an inclusive workplace culture. She keynotes on these topics globally and has spoken to senior executives in Australia, Asia, Europe, UK and the USA.

Her client list includes Texas Instruments, Raytheon, J.P. Morgan Chase, Motorola, Hewlett Packard, AT & T, Microsoft, Xerox, Miller Coors Brewing and Citigroup. She has also worked in Australia with multiple corporations, including Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Ernst & Young, Reserve Bank of Australia, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Westpac, Grain Corp, QBE Insurance, Australian Department of Defence, and many others on Unconscious Bias and its impact on diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Turnbull has Award winning clients and has made major contributions in assisting Texas Instruments to win the Catalyst Award and was instrumental in developing programs for both J. P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup Europe that won the prestigious Opportunity Now Award and Business in the Community Awards. Commonwealth Bank of Australia also won the 2012 Catalyst Award attributing the win in part to Cognizant, an Unconscious Bias tool developed by Dr. Turnbull.

In addition to her PhD, Dr. Turnbull has two Masters Degrees in Organizational Behavior and Mental Health Counselling and an Under-Graduate Degree in Psychology and Sociology. She is a member of a number of professional societies, including Academy of Management, American Psychological Association, American Sociological Association and American Society for Phenomenology; The Neuro-Science Institute for Leaders and the OD Network. In 2009 she won the “Distinguished Research Award” for a journal article – “Diversity & Inclusion: Developing an Instrument for the identification of Skills deficiencies” published in the Academy of Strategic Management Journal and is also published in the Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict Journal and the Reflective Practitioner Journal. Her latest book is “Blind spots: A conversation with Dr. Turnbull about Unconscious Bias”. Her upcoming book “The Illusion of Inclusion” will be available March 2015 and her next publication will be “Looking through the Liking Glass”. She is also a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) member of the National Speakers Association, and The Global Speakers Network and an accomplished keynote speaker, particularly in the area of Global Inclusion and Unconscious Bias.


  • Adjusting Your Mirrors
  • Managing Your Blind Spots
  • Global Inclusion as a Business Imperative


“Dr. Turnbull is an excellent facilitator. She demonstrates high levels of engagement with the Unconscious Bias program participants and was the key to the program’s success. Her subject matter knowledge of unconscious bias and diversity gave the program credibility. Dr. Turnbull uses a range of adult learning principles ensuring participants effectively develop the skills to meet the objectives of the program in an interesting and interactive way. She received outstanding feedback from participants. Dr. Turnbull is a global expert in the area of unconscious bias and diversity/inclusion and is a thought leader in this field. She is extremely professional and worked collaboratively with our organization to ensure that the program was successful. She is flexible in adapting to program changes and proactively identified and implemented program improvements during the implementation phase. She operates with high levels of integrity and is friendly and easy to work with.”
—Australian Corporate Client

“Helen was a known expert in the field of diversity and organisational development in the US, but it is to her great credit that she managed to translate and sell the concepts to a wholly skeptical and initially unreceptive multi-national audience in the London office.
The Leading Diversity 1-day training programme that she delivered over a two year period to in excess of 1500 officers and staff of the bank was the most ambitious and successful training intervention ever introduced in Europe.
Helen’s skills as a facilitator are second to none. She is intuitive, fluid, articulate and natural, spotting and heading off potential “hot spots” and providing an environment where people feel safe to express their views and know they will be heard. Her antenna are always up, yet she appears at complete ease with her audience and never radiates anything but calm and control.
Helen has much more to offer than just stand up training and facilitation. Her OD skills are fabulous and her holistic approach to culture change is practical and realistic yet inspirational. Whatever she does, she takes people with her and makes the journey seem immensely worthwhile.
As a business partner, Helen is an exceedingly reliable and diligent colleague, working seamlessly to ensure that goals are delivered and targets are met. You feel reassured when working with Helen that everything is possible and will be done to the highest standard. I recommend her to you most highly.”
—Alison Pullman, JP Morgan

“Dr. Helen Turnbull has an intuitive talent for working with groups, large or small. At Texas Instruments she has consulted on Diversity initiatives, teaming and empowerment initiatives and strategic change efforts. In each case she brought the same exceptional skill and talent to all of these diverse projects. Her ability to customize the design and to think on her feet ensure that Helen sets an exemplary example of consulting at its best.”
—Tegwin Pulley, Texas Instruments

“We partnered with Human Facets® at the start of our diversity journey. We were initially overwhelmed with the scope of what we wanted to achieve and working with a seasoned diversity professional helped us to develop a robust infrastructure and an impactful strategy. The time invested at this stage of the programme was a significant influence on the success we went on to achieve.”
—Fleur Bothwick, Major Investment Bank, UK

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