Ian Berry

Ian Berry is celebrating 20 years in 2011 of partnering with passionate and enlightened business leaders in changing what’s normal inside organisations for the good of yourself, other people, our planet, and for profit.

He gives tailored talks about change that stir hearts, shift thinking, and help business people to step up and

  • develop strategies guaranteed to be executed
  • embrace evolutionary and revolutionary change
  • thrive on the challenges of change
  • make change simple

Ian is regarded internationally as an authority on creating shared value (CSV), a business growth strategy referred to in a recent Harvard Business Review article by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer as The Big Idea.   Ian is the Founder of Differencemakers Community an online and in person home for people focused on making a difference. Differencemakers have members in 37 countries.

Ian is Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) the highest designation awarded to professional speakers internationally. He is also a Fellow Australian Institute of Management (FAIM)

Ian is the author of Increasing Profits Without Hurting People, What Real Leaders Do and fake ones don’t, differencemakers – how doing good is great for business, which are all available to clients free in digital format, and the recently released Changing What’s Normal.


Changing what’s normal


This presentation is about co-creating change people can actually believe in and embrace, and change where everyone can win.

People learn why change is simple which doesn’t necessarily mean easy both evolutionary and revolutionary at the same time personal and local before it really sticks organisationally

and how change must be creative rather than stressful a journey from information to insight to inspiration to idea/s to innovation a fit with strategic positioning  

What real leaders do and fake ones don’t


This presentation is about why leadership is in reality everyone’s business and how to create cultures where everyone leads and is accountable.

People learn why leadership is about inspiration and effectiveness useless with perspiration and efficient management integral to success in every aspect of life

and how leadership can be learned by everyone when the right environment is co-created works best in tandem with management can be the catalyst for true innovation  

Creating shared value


This presentation is about why radical change is essential in how we define and deliver value to all our stakeholders and how such transformation leads to competitive advantage.

People learn why all businesses are about defining and delivering value to stakeholders that they demand, desire, and feel they deserve creating shared value where everyone can win the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit and

how creating shared value is the big idea for business growth in the 21st century focuses our strategies, structures, and systems enables us to stand out from the crowd


“As a mentor to me and my family members who lead and manage our businesses Ian Berry has made a significant difference to our personal and business success including our 570% growth in just under 5 years.”
– Peter Taylor, CEO Townsend Building Services, Brisbane, Australia

“The best speaker I have experienced via The CEO Institute.” 
Tony McManus, Allpoints Real Estate, Geelong, Australia

“The most insightful 43 minutes of all the summit!”
— Nini, F5 Networks Singapore, at Key Media HR Summit attended by over 3000 people.

I first met Ian as keynote speaker at a business leader’s breakfast in the City of Tea Tree Gully, Adelaide. Ian was passionate and engaging with a wealth of knowledge and experience that challenged the majority. The impact of his presentation was tangible as guests hung on to every word. Of particular note was Ian’s ability to share of himself personally. He allowed the guests to walk with him through his presentation and live every moment of the experience. Transparent, engaging and thought provoking – not one person left that presentation unaffected. 
Miriam Smith, Mayor City of Tea Tree Gully, Adelaide, Australia Ian

Berry spoke at my Academy for Chief Executives Group 11 meeting on November 4th. He was a very popular speaker with my members, with average marks of 8.8. Ian’s authenticity and ‘no-holds-barred’ approach to leadership was refreshing, inspirational, motivational and had great take away value. As I say, he ‘calls a spade a shovel’, and I highly recommend him to any CEO or Managing Director who wants to positively impact performance within their organisation.”
— Joe Adams, Academy for Chief Executives, London, United Kingdom

We spoke about your presentation afterwards and the overwhelming view is that it was the best presentation, in terms of style and content, that we have ever had for our group.” 
Craig Walden, CEO, Australian Public Service Benevolent Society Ltd and Member The CEO Institute

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