Joseph DiVanna

Joseph DiVanna is the Managing Director of Maris Strategies a research and advisory consultancy for business and financial services based in Cambridge, UK. He is responsible for research projects across Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia focusing on innovation, financial services and economic development. Joe has authored numerous books on banking, innovation, strategy, human capital, and economics accompanied by hundreds of articles in publications such as The Banker, the Financial Times, The Times, Financial World, New Horizons, FinWeek (South Africa), Malta Business Weekly, Islamic Business & Finance (Dubai), and Middle East Banker (Dubai). A frequent television commentator on CNBC (Europe, Africa, Middle East), Citi7-TV, Dubai One, and Summit-TV (South Africa), he is described as someone who can distil complex subjects down to a common set of ideas understood by anyone. As a member of financial services advisory board at the Møller Centre, Churchill College, University of Cambridge and a director of the Cambridge Institute of Banking, Joe provides cutting edge thinking on banking and financial services with a focus on emerging markets. Joe’s lectures and keynotes can be heard at numerous industry events, workshops, seminars and internal executive development programmes.

With over 35 years of experience in business strategy, research and consulting, he has significant experience with the Fortune 500, financial institutions in over 20 countries, and numerous companies operating in emerging markets. He has created a unique process for strategy development, redesigned operational business processes and often challenges senior executives to think in new ways by unlearning modernity. In addition he has delivered hundreds of senior executive education programmes and has provided strategy to financial institutions around the globe. Described by The Economist as a polymath and by the media as a Renaissance man, he is a sought after public speaker on banking, economics, innovation, emerging markets, customer service, leadership, and human capital management.

1978, he has worked in banking, petrochemicals, television production, drug development, defence systems, steel fabrication and economic development. As a member of CSC Index’s Research and Advisory Summit Programme and member of CSC Index’s reengineering team he was responsible for innovation and technology integration at companies such as PepsiCo, Amoco, Lykes Steamship, Owens & Minor, Pfizer, MTV-Viacom, and Volvo. While serving as Chief Information Officer at ISC Technologies he was responsible for the computerization of the manufacturing process and internationalization of the distribution system in Africa and the Middle East.

Joe has lectured at the following institutions of higher education: Harvard Law School (Harvard University), Churchill College (University of Cambridge), All Souls College (University of Oxford), Herriot-Watt University, Gordon Institute of Business Sciences (University of Pretoria, South Africa), Dubai University College (United Arab Emirates), University of Jordan (Jordan), and Strathmore University (Kenya).

Joseph DiVanna 是Maris战略公司的常务理事, Maris 战略公司是位于剑桥的一个金融服务智囊团。Joseph在银行服务、经济、技术与策略等领域著书,您也可以从《银行家》杂志、《金融世界》、《伊斯兰商业与金融》、《新视野》与《中东银行家》等期刊上读到Joseph关于不断变化的银行业的观点。Joseph目前的研究项目包括:GCC货币联盟、伊斯兰货币联盟、撒哈拉以南非洲地区的社会金融凝聚力以及银行收费与收入的竞争力等。


Published by Palgrave-Macmillan

  • Redefining Financial Services: The New Renaissance in Value Propositions (reprinted, 2007)
  • Thinking beyond Technology: Creating New Value in Business
  • Synconomy: Adding Value in a World of Continuously Connected Business
  • The Future of Retail Banking: Delivering Value to Global Customers (reprinted, 2007)
  • Strategic Thinking in Tactical Times (editor and contributor)
  • People – The New Asset on the Balance Sheet (editor and contributor)

Published by Leonardo and Francis Press

  • Understanding Islamic Banking: The Value Proposition that Transcends Cultures (reprinted, 2007 and 2008)
  • A New Financial Dawn: The Rise of Islamic Banking (2009)
  • Weathering the Financial Storm: The Banking Crisis in the Middle East (forthcoming 2011)

Published by Lyons Press

  • The Merchants of Fear: why they want us to be afraid

Published by The Financial Times

  • How to Run a Bank (editor and contributor)

Published by VRL:

  • Middle Eastern Wealth Management

Topics (Examples)

  • The New Banking Agenda: Competing on Quality, Service and Innovation
  • Reinventing the Customer: Banking on the Edge of Tomorrow
  • Channel Management in Financial Services
  • Islamic Banking Industry
  • Weathering the Financial Storm
  • The End of Management and the Transformation to Leadership
  • New Thinking on Africa’s Domestic Banking Value Proposition
  • Banking Marketing, Cross-Selling and Customer Relationship
  • Access to Markets: Strategies for Managing a Growth Portfolio
  • Special Business Units: Lessons learned from Western banks
  • Bank Strategy Implementation and Performance Evaluation
  • Of Partners, Payments and Thieves: A Multifaceted View of Fraud and Risk Management
  • Money Makes the World go Round, but who is minding the Digital Mint
  • Self-service Banking the Emerging Standard in Excellence
  • New Frontiers in Asset Management Technology
  • When Customers design banks: Cashless, No Fees, High Touch, Multi-channel and Mult-national

Clients include corporations such as:

Banking and Economic clients
African Banking Corporation, AirPlus, AITEC Africa, Bank of China, Barclays Bank, Bohai Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China MinSheng Bank, Chongqing Bank, Citi Group, Commercial Bank of Qatar, Credit Suisse First Boston, Europe Arab Bank, Financial Services Forum, First National Bank of South Africa, Gatehouse Bank, HSBC, J.P. Morgan, Lafferty Group (World Cards Intelligence), MasterCard, Scottish Building Society, Shanghai Pudong Bank, Troika Dialog Investment Bank, UBS, VISA Business Bank Card School, VISA International, and VRL Publishing.

Leadership, Innovation and Technology clients
AMR Research, Axalto, BMC Software, BT Global, BUPA, Business Insights, Clore Leadership, Contax, CRAC, CR2, EPTDA, Forrester, FT Global Events, Hewlett- Packard, IBM, Ideas UK, Infosys, Innovateurs, Institute for Leadership and Management, Lexmark, The Law Society, Master Foods International, MEDEA, Microsoft, Misys International, NCR, National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts, Parametrics Technology Corporation, PIC Solutions, Royal Sun Alliance, Royal United Services Institute for Defence, RWE N Power, SAPPI, Shell Oil Company, Team SynThesis Mauritius, TNS Sofres, and the UK Graduate Program.

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