Nelson Yip

Having contracted cerebral palsy as an infant, Nelson spent his childhood going back and forth to hospitals. Despite a challenging youth, he persevered and was awarded a BSc in Statistics and Computer Science. He continued to complete higher degrees in MA in Quantitative Analysis in Business and MBA.

Because of his personal experience, disability and rehabilitation are issues that remain close to his heart and with which he wishes to devote much of his energy. Over the years, he developed key initiatives in this area:

  • May 1995: Founded “HK Rehabilitation Power” and headed up the development of the agency – With the belief that we all have choices in creating the way we live, Rehab Power was positioned to strive for the empowering the disabled to develop, advocating Hong Kong as a barrier-free international city, as well as pioneering social entrepreneurship model on self-reliance and poverty alleviation. Hundreds of thousands of physically and mentally challenged individuals were served and hundreds of people with disabilities were empowered to live an independent quality life. (
  • August 2008: Founded the “Unleash Foundation” – The utmost asset of our society is our people. Transcendence, equality and integration are key values in a world class city such as Hong Kong. The purpose of the Foundation is to create social impact through face-to-face educational talks/seminars and community projects as well as through social investment on campaigns and projects. (

Horseriding is another passion of Nelson’s. He entered into many international para-equestrian competitions and was the first qualified rider and was Hong Kong’s Official Representative of Paralympics Equestrian Event, Beijing Olympics held in 2008. He was later awarded the Medal of Honour from the Government of the HKSAR for his contribution in promoting sports for disabled athletes.

On the entrepreneurial front, he is the Chief Executive and Founder of several companies, involved in a wide range of industries, with specific interest in green energy and electronic commerce. He upholds the belief that protecting our planet and environment is the right thing to do for everyone. It is not how much profit the company makes; it is more important how the profits are being made. Business world to wakes up to environmental issues, organizations are realizing that green initiatives can both do good and boost company profits

  •  Sept 2007: Co-Founded the “Energy Saving Concern Alliance” – With a mission to advocate the Climate Change Initiatives to reduce the adverse effects of global warming, the Alliance conducted promotions, education, training and research. It also advocated coalition, technology application, project implementation and technology transfer.
  • Nov 2007: Co-Founded the “HK Electronic & Technology Association” – The mission of the HKETA is to provide accurate and current business, technologies and manufacturing information to members. The Association also is a catalyst to foster friendship and business synergies, strive to act as a team committed to the growth of the electronics and technologies in Hong Kong. Entrepreneurship is encouraged with assistance provided to the local electronic industry to reach continually upgrade and grow.

Nelson serves in committees of various government and non-government bodies to enhance and improve Hong Kong’s competitiveness and professional standards, with a particular interest in areas of social services, education, green industries, electronic commerce and sports.

Nelson Yip Mandarin Interview

Nelson Yip’s Public and Community Services:

• Trade and Industry Advisory Board (TIAB), HKSAR Government – Member
• Council for Sustainable Development – Strategy Sub-committee – Co-opted Member
• Transport Advisory Committee, HKSAR Government – Member
• Equal Opportunities Commission, HKSAR Government – Executive Committee Member
• Committee on the Promotion of Civil Education, HKSAR Government – Member
• Working Group on Concern for Vulnerable Groups and Poverty Alleviation, YTM District Council, HKSAR Government – Member
• Rotary Club of Mid-Levels, Rotary District 3450 – Past President, Director
• Sports Committee, the Riding for the Disabled Association – Team Captain
• Environment and Sustainable Development Committee of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce – Member
• The City University of Hong Kong – Honorary Fellow
• CUHK Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) – Honoree
• Centre for Social Media Marketing and Business Intelligence, the City University of Hong Kong – External Advisor


  • Striving for Excellence
    • Nelson Yip spent many years of his childhood confined to a wheelchair, and was told to expect a short and miserable life. However, through mental and physical training and perserverance, obtained excellence in academic studies and sportsmanship and went on to representing Hong Kong in the Paralympic Equestrian games. In this presentation, Nelson shares stories from his journey and from the challenges he faces everytime he takes a step forward on his two crutches.
  • 跨越障礙
    • 夢想是人類的靈魂,夢想給予人類進步的動力,而夢想亦令我們生命充實。
  • What does it take to raise your game?
  • Sportsmanship and Entrepreneurship
  • Master MIND, Master LIFE
  • Motivating Self and others
  • Breaking Down Barriers to Live Life to the Full
  • Travelling with two crutches
  • Building Employee Engagement and High Performance in Times of Difficulties
  • eCommerce aids HK SME Marketing
  • Positive Thinking Against Adversity
  • 成功在你手
  • 智慧逆境尋
  • 新世代成功秘笈


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