Rasmus Ankersen

Rasmus Ankersen published his first book “DNA of a Winner” at the age of 22. The book became a bestseller, encouraging Rasmus to follow up his success with “Leader DNA” and “Raising a Winner“. By the age of 25 he had written three bestsellers. His desire to understand the code that unlocks World Class performance led him to be head coach of the first soccer academy in Scandinavia, which has produced several top international players, among them Simon Kjaer (Wolfsburg and Denmark National Team), Winston Reid (West Ham), Sekou Oliseh (top scorer in CSKA Moscow) and many more. He was also a mental coach for the Danish national youth soccer teams and has worked as personal coach for several World Class athletes. In 2010 Rasmus spent six months traveling around the world to live and train with the best athletes and coaches on the globe. The result is his first international book “The Gold Mine Effect – unlocking the essence of world class performance” which is currently on submissions to publishers worldwide.

Also in the business field Rasmus’ work has had a huge impact. He is speaking about “The Gold Mine Effect” for organizations and companies all over the world, Microsoft, LEGO, Carlsberg etc. Rasmus is advising executives how to create an environment, which fires up human potential. In his home country Denmark he has been awarded as one of the three biggest business talents and recently the prime minister invited him to contribute with a chapter to his upcoming book, which is going to define “The Danish Dream”. Today Rasmus lives in London from where he controls all his projects.


he Gold Mine Effect (key note)

Why are 137 of the worlds 500 best female golfers from South Korea? How did one athletic club in Kingston, Jamaica, succeed to produce most of the worlds best sprinters? What is the reason that the worlds best marathon runners grew up in the same village in Ethiopia? What is the secret behind Brazils mass production of soccer super stars? How has one tennis club in Moscow managed to develop more top tennis players in 10 years than the whole of the United States?

For 6 intense months Rasmus Ankersen has been travelling around the world visiting those six gold mines. Talked, trained and lived with them to crack the code – and he is very confident that he has succeeded. The secret is “The Gold Mine Effect”! In this speak Rasmus will get brutal honest about what it takes to create world class performance and how organizations, teams and companies can adopt the secrets from the gold mines.

The Gold Mine Effect (workshop)

Today executives and organizations all over the world talk about “The War on Talent”. The scenario is crystal clear: Future success is about being able to attract the greatest talents. But do leaders know what they look for when they are supposed to spot talent? Are smart people overrated? And what if people don’t succeed because of their talent, but in spite of it? “The Gold Mine Effect Workshop” will challenge your most ingrained convictions about how to spot and grow talent. It raises questions such as: How did one athletic club, which trains on diesel-scorched grass tracks in Kingston, Jamaica, manage to win nine sprint medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics? Why do 35 of the world’s 100 best female golfers come from South Korea which, with its inhospitality cold climate and atronomical green fees can scare off the vast majority of golfers? How did one single tennis club in Moscow with dilapidated facilities manage to produce more top players in 10 years than the whole of the USA and the United Kingdom put together? And how did one Ethiopian village with 30.000 inhabitants succeed in winning four Olympic Gold Medals in middle distance running at the recent Olympics?

In “The Gold Mine Effect Workshop” Rasmus Ankersen will reveal the answers to those questions. It’s is based on The Five Gold Mine Concepts and will answer what talent really is, how it is identified, grown and ignited.

1. The Golden Talent Rule

2. High Potential Scouting

3. A Culture of Practice

4. The Six Rules of Mastery

5. Sustainable Hunger

“The Gold Mine Workshop” is a very interactive workshop. No empty theories or buzzwords. It’s all build on real-world-examples, the most recent scientific results and first-hand-stories from the world’s best athletes, coaches and finest gold mines.


Rasmus spoke at two events that we ran in 2014, and he was consistently rated as one of the best speakers to take the stage. Importantly, he was able to draw on wide range of experiences and stories that resonated with a particularly diverse audience, which is often one of the most challenging aspects when searching for inspirational keynote speakers.  Graeme Standing Google UK.

Rasmus Ankersen attended the English Institute of Sport’s annual National Conference as a keynote speaker and to say he was excellent would be an understatement.Rasmus engaged with everyone in the room, scientist; medics and business services departments tailoring the content of his keynote not only to the audience but also utilising the conference theme as a thread that run through the whole presentation, delivering key messages which resonated with the staff. The way Rasmus was able to link between sport and business was seamless and it was without doubt one of the best keynotes we have ever had in the 12 years the conference has been running.Rasmus was very articulate, thought provoking and entertaining and our staff were fully engaged with the content leaving the conference buzzing and rushing home to buy his book    Peter Elliott MBE, Director of Operations, English Institute of Sport (EIS)

“Rasmus Ankersen gives an in-depth understanding of how you can achieve optimal performance. His humor, illustrations and real life examples makes him an exciting and entertaining speaker – at the same time as true value is given to the listener”   Hilde & Ørjan Sæle, Founders of Zinzino

“On top of every global CEO’s agenda is ‘talent’ and what it takes to nurture and systematically build ‘talents’; yet rarely has there been a topic with so many misconceptions and well intentioned but counterproductive initiatives. The business world owes Rasmus much gratitude for his facts based, in depths studies of what it takes to be, identify and build talent” Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO and President, The LEGO Group 

Rasmus is an inspiration for anyone wishing to deliver high performance. His work and ideas are just fascinating and have not only challenged me, but also helped me improve the quality of my daily training. Tom Kristensen, racing driver, the only person to win the 24 Hours at Le Mans eight times

“Rasmus deeply understands the DNA of world class performance. He is the ultimate coach” Casper Stylsvig, Global Sponsorship Director, Manchester United

“As i highly ambitious athlete, I have always sought knowledge about how to improve on my performance. I was first introduced to Rasmus Ankersen four years ago, and have since read all his books and also experienced him speak. By challenging the usual ideas about performance and talent, he has thoroughly reminded me that there is no way around doing the many hours and miles of training for years and years. As a father of two little girls, I have also been given valuable tools by Rasmus as to how I can securely stimulate them to becoming ambitious and self-motivated human beings and perhaps athletes.” Rasmus Henning, Triathlete, Olympian, Ironman winner


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