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China Technology and Start-up Scene

WeChat Expert

Award-winning global journalist, Editor-in-Chief at Forkast.News

The Next Big Disruptive Technologies

Leading Futurist

Modern Chinese Consumers

Waves of Change


Global E-commerce Boom

Fintech Expert

Preparing Now for What's Next

Business Lessons from Formula One

CEO of iflix & Ex-CEO of AirAsia X

Co-founder of Four Pillars Gin, Strategist

Smart sustainable cities and exponential technologies

How Large Organizations Can Work With Startups?

IoT & Digital Transformation

15-year-old TED Speaker, Author, Algorithm-ist

Business Philosopher with the Attitude of a Rock Star

When Digital Becomes Human

Trust Expert & Author

Co-Founder of Apple Computer

From Silicon Valley to China

Technology Expert & Journalist

Branding and Creativity

Technology & Trends

Futurist & Global Innovation

The TIDES of Change

Cybersecurity Expert

The New Young India

Cyber Security Specialist