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Uplifting Service!

World Competitiveness

Mental Toughness Expert  

Extreme Leadership

Leading on Purpose / Employee Engagement

Innovation, strategy & international business

The TIDES of Change


Win People Over

Cybersecurity Expert

Conducting Success

The New Young India

Former Governor of Hong Kong

Natural Born Winner

Innovation, Technology, Space

Around the World in a Solar Airplane!

World-class British Yachtsman

Thriving in the Age of Distraction

Compassionate Capitalism

How to Attract the Best Customers

Delivering Happiness

Formula One Speaker

Business & Brand Leadership

Surviving the Digital Tech Storm

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Inspirational Speaker who was Shot 14 times …. and still laughing!

Managing Talent in the Network Age

Business Model Innovation

Resilience & Breakthrough

Olympic Gold Medalist in Taekwondo

Renowned Sales and Motivational Speaker

The Art of FLOW

An Odyssey to the Top of Everest