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Innovation Architect

Innovation Thought Leader

Rhythm of Success

Former World Chess Champion

The Power to Survive

Self-leadership as a Strategy for Success

Two-time Olympian turned successful finance professional

Motivational speaker, athlete and renowned fine artist

Former CEO of Eurostar and Sainsburys Bank

World renown expert on Chinese enterprise, China’s economy and trade and investment regime

The Pursuit of Happyness

Advertising and Marketing in Asia

The Triple Bottom Line, Sustainability in Business

Facing Change and Leading Change

Globally Recognised Economist and Tactition

Voyages of Discovery

Legendary Adventure Speaker

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World

The Neuroscience of Creativity

Secrets of Silicon Valley

Winning Clients’ Loyalty

Customer Experience Design

Organisational Leadership in a VUCA world

Customer Experience Guru

Branding in Asia

Blind Adventurer and International Motivational Speaker

Business Internalization & Strategy

Rugby World Cup Winner & ITV 'Dancing on Ice' Winner

Award Winning Serial Social Entrepreneur & Adventurer

Changing What's Normal

The Art of Career Navigation

Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders