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Indian Motivational Speaker

Corporate Storytelling & Change

Professor and Associate Dean of Ivey Business School

Business strategist

Chairman of the Virgin Group

Asia Motivational Speaker

Strategy Implementation

Renowned award-winning wildlife photographer

Premier League Referee

Chief Spokesman and Strategist to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

Dying to be Me

Eight principles of human creativity

Mindfulness and decision-making

The only athlete to ever compete in four Winter Olympics

The Art of Being Accountable

Customer Experience & Sales

Founder of UGG Boots

Sun Tzu's Art of War Winning Strategies in Business

Snowboarding on all Seven Summits

Managing Rapid Growth / Chasing Dreams

The Trust Economy

Leadership in the Balance

Add 10%+  to your bottom line at no cost

How To Be An Intelligent Global Leader

The Decline and Fall of Europe

Great Answers to Tough Questions

Transformational Leadership

Speed Thinking

First Nordic woman to summit Mount Everest

Leading Expert on Finding, Engaging & Retaining Exceptional Staff

Leadership Communication

Xceptionalize Your Business