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Business & Brand Leadership

Managing Talent in the Network Age

Business Model Innovation

Humanising the workplace

Innovation Thought Leader

Self-leadership as a Strategy for Success

Motivational speaker, athlete and renowned fine artist

The Triple Bottom Line, Sustainability in Business

Voyages of Discovery

Cultures Impact on Business Success

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World

The Neuroscience of Creativity

Winning Clients’ Loyalty

Customer Experience Design

Organisational Leadership in a VUCA world

Changing What's Normal

The Art of Career Navigation

Transforming the Next Generation of Leaders

Future Brain: Welcome to the New Age Of Thinking

Guinness World Record holder for the first skydive inside the jet stream

Leading Across Distances and Cultures

Global inclusion and diversity

International Relations and Business Expert

World Renowned Violinist, Entrepreneur & Cultural Ambassador

Profitability, Productivity and Potential of the Special Needs Workforce

Gen Y & The New World of Work

Bringing the fighter pilot way to business.

Leadership Development - Thinkers 50 “Guru Radar” List

The Art of Making Tough Decisions