The Leading Men

Australia’s most talented musical theatre stars for your corporate event entertainment

Ian Berry

Changing What's Normal

Ram Charan

Leading Business Advisor and Author

Peter Diamond

2010 Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences

Daniel Gregory

Innovation and Engagement

Max McKeown

Innovation and Strategy

Rebecca Fannin

Silicon Dragon: How China is Winning the Tech Race

Nicholas Stern

Leading Global Economist

Dominic Thurbon

Unleashing the Collaborative Potential of your Workforce

Lawrence Leyton

Peak Performance Expert

Alexander Blass

Top Innovator of the Year

Boris Becker

Former World No 1 Tennis Superstar

Fernando Salvetti

Anthropologist, epistemologist, knowledge entrepreneur

Sue Hershkowitz-Coore

Sales and Communications Expert

Gary Bailey

Leadership and Teamwork Specialist, The Legendary Goalkeeper of Manchester United and England

Daniel Edward Craig

Hotel Online Reputation Management

Larry Hochman

The Relationship Revolution

Michael Bergdahl

Best Practices of Wal-Mart & Sam Walton