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Leading Asian Motivational Speaker

Modern Chinese Consumers

Sales and Personal Branding

Off Balance On Purpose

Uplifting Service!

Mental Toughness Expert  


Natural Born Winner

Thriving in the Age of Distraction

How to Attract the Best Customers

Shopper Psychology & Consumer Behaviour

Renowned Sales and Motivational Speaker

Former CEO of Eurostar and Sainsburys Bank

Maximise Your Memory For Peak Performance

Chinese Millennial Consumers

Facing Change and Leading Change

Winning Clients’ Loyalty

Customer Experience Design

Branding in Asia

Customer Loyalty

Magic & Sales

Business Social Etiquette Expert

How NOT to Get Referrals

Social Selling Expert

Sales Optimisation

The Sales Leader

Bringing the fighter pilot way to business.

Elevate Your Sales Game in Uncertain Times


Blackbelt in excellence

International Grandmaster of Memory

Business strategist